Hyderabad Police go wi-fi

Hyderabad Police go wi-fi

Hyderabad Police Go wi-fi. As part of the Government of Telangana\'s vision to make Hyderabad a Smart City, the Hyderabad Police Department is relentlessly working towards meeting the goal.

As part of the Government of Telangana's vision to make Hyderabad a Smart City, the Hyderabad Police Department is relentlessly working towards meeting the goal. With another initiative in making the entire work area of Hyderabad Police a Wi-Fi zone. As a result all Police Stations both L&O, Traffic, Women, all officers of CAR, CSW, SB, Task Force, ACsP, DCsP etc, have now been equipped with Wi-Fi routers connected through high speed internet connectivity that enables a virtual single office.

City police commissioner M Mahender Reddy who launched the wi fi network said the objective is to improve collaboration between staff within and across the department by accessing internet simultaneously thereby leading to better decision making, helping them meet their deadlines, sharing of data/information, access to department business applications and systems remotely, improving communication etc.

Availability of Wi-Fi network in the offices/Police Stations enables better decision making process by connecting various devices such as Laptops; Tablets; Mobile; Wi-Fi enabled desktops remotely and simultaneously accessing the department business applications such as Crime and Criminal data, Daily progress of activities by all Police Personnel simultaneously; Online updation of Facebook status, Hawk Eye etc.,

Tracking and monitoring the movement of Patrol and Blue,Colts vehicle to reach the incident spot in time. Connect to various locations through messaging or voice for sharing the information and tracking the dependency activities, Instant email access and other file sharing platforms for want of information and faster communication. Performing department review meetings with teams in a distributed environment through voice or video Improve communication and collaboration within and across department/locations thus enhancing productivity.

Citizens reaching the police stations can share the data stored in their devices with Police required for investigation or any other purpose using Wi-Fi distributed Network The following criteria has guided the department with respect to implementing Wi-Fi access:, It is required to quickly proliferate deployments to any number of locations as minimum administrative overheads and a low cost solution.

Wi fi also provided ability to expand the network at a rapid pace to new or other locations to allow the staff connects to the network. It also gave complete security and control over the entities attempting to access the network at remote where ascertaining physical identity is not possible.

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