Inclusive growth for building Bangaru Telangana

Inclusive growth for building Bangaru Telangana

\'Infrastructure contributes to economic development both by increasing productivity and by providing amenities that enhance the quality of life\'. Investment in infrastructure is essential to place the State on a higher growth path.

Programmes Targeted towards Social Welfare and Inclusive Growth

Improving Infrastructural Facilities

'Infrastructure contributes to economic development both by increasing productivity and by providing amenities that enhance the quality of life'. Investment in infrastructure is essential to place the State on a higher growth path. As very large volumes of resources are required, there is a need for prioritisation of infrastructure. Accordingly, the Government is putting efforts in improving infrastructure in irrigation, electricity, and roads. In the electricity sector, State Government is targeting to provide at least, 9 hour a day free power supply for agricultural purpose and uninterrupted power supply for industrial and domestic consumption. To meet these targets, Government has commissioned six new power projects with the target of producing additional 6840 MW of power.

Road is an important mode of transportation in the State. A well-connected road network is essential for the easy movement of goods and passengers. Major programmes are undertaken by the Government in road sector include:

(i) improving connectivity between Mandal headquarters with District headquarters by widening roads from single lane to double lane,

(ii) major district roads, state highways, core road network are being widened from single lane to double lane road to cater to the increased traffic.

Programmes Targeted towards Social Welfare and Inclusive Growth

The government has accorded high priority to uplift the weaker sections of the society and to bring them on par with the mainstream through a multi-pronged approach. Some of the initiatives undertaken in this regard includes

(i) emphasis on health and education for Human Resource Development

(ii) Programmes supporting vulnerable sections of our population such as old-age, destitute, etc. and

(iii) Social Welfare Programmes targeting economically and socially weaker sections.

It is an irony that while Telangana State has made some important strides by achieving high economic growth and prosperity, performance in health and education sector is rather poor. In the State, social sector indicators such as literacy rate, male-female literacy gap, IMR rate, MMR rate are still a cause for concern. It has been recognised that economic progress without social progress is unsustainable in the long-run. Therefore, it is imperative that we make efforts to improve our social indicators. In this direction, the government has been implementing State Schemes and Centrally Sponsored Schemes in health and education sectors. The government of Telangana has launched the Arogya Lakshmi Scheme to reduce Infant Mortality Rate in the State.

Enactment of the National Food Security Act has changed the food distribution scenario in the State, apart from improving the nutritional levels. The Act seeks to make the right to food a legal entitlement by providing subsidised food grains. In addition to the mandated coverage under the Act, State Government increased the coverage by relaxing eligibility criteria and providing additional rice at a cheaper rate.

With a vision to supply potable drinking water to all habitations up to household level in the entire state, Government has launched “Mission Bhaghiratha”. Rural development with public participation has become the focus of the present Government. Grama Jyothi scheme is aimed at empowering Gram Panchayaths for the holistic development of the Panchayats in the spirit of 73rd Constitutional Amendment. Telangana Palle Pragathi focuses on improving livelihood opportunities for poor rural households through intervention in five focal areas.

The government has been providing Aasara Pensions to protect the most vulnerable sections of the society, in particular, the old and infirm, physically challenged persons, people with HIV-AIDS, widows, incapacitated weavers and toddy tappers. This scheme has been a great support to the families in providing social security to meet minimum needs of a dignified life.

In achieving the objective of a dignified life to the poor, the Government introduced 2BHK housing scheme for homeless families in rural and urban areas. according to the new scheme, each house will have two bedrooms, kitchen, hall and two bath-cum-toilets with a plinth area of 560 rural and urban areas.

'Kalyana Lakshmi' and 'Shaadi Mubarak' Schemes are the most popular and successful flagship programmes launched by the Government to provide one-time financial assistance of Rs. 51,000 to brides’ family hailing from economically backwards SCs, STs, and Minority families. T-PRIDE Scheme was launched to develop entrepreneurship among SCs and STs. The government launched Land Purchase Scheme in the State to provide livelihood opportunities to the poor agricultural families belonging to Scheduled Castes community.


Since the formation of the State, the Government of Telangana has taken bold initiatives to revive the economic growth by providing an enabling business environment and appropriate physical infrastructural facilities in the State. The government is committed to reviving the agriculture sector that is vital for inclusive growth and towards to that end launched various schemes to make agriculture a remunerative activity for people depending on it. An immediate action plan is prepared and being implemented for mitigating the adverse impact of drought conditions in the State. Renewed focus is being given to social sector for uplifting the social and economic conditions of downtrodden and vulnerable sections of our society.

The Socio-Economic Outlook-2016, third such publication after formation of the State, highlights major policy initiatives taken by the present Government in the last one year and nine months time and status of its implementation. The Outlook is divided into following four broad Sections. Section-I: Reinventing Telangana: The Way Forward, Section-II: Sectoral performance in agriculture, industry, services and economic infrastructure, Section-III: Human Development Index and flagship programmes initiated for social welfare and Section-IV Statistical profile of Telangana State.

G.Rajendera Kumar

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