With TITA President Sundeep Kumar Makthala's recent call to all the NRIs to adopt a village, under the ambit of DIGITHON, the response from NRIs has been tremendous and much more amplified now with a very successful IT Businessman and philanthropist Mr. Appi Reddy AnnapaReddy from San Francisco, California, USA, adopting his native village 'Dondapadu' to transform it into "Digital Dondapadu". Mr. Appi Reddy has taken the initiative to become the first NRI who has adopted his native village ( Dondapadu, in Nalgonda district, Melacheru Mandal) under DIGITHON. TITA's Team under DIGITHON DONDAPADU will, over the next few weeks, impart digital literacy to every household in Dondapadu village, to transform it into Digitally Literate households Digital Dondapadu. TITA is very happy to share that it has inaugurated "Digital Dondapadu" initiative on the occasion of Appi Reddy's birthday, after felicitating Appi Reddy's parents Mr. Venkateshwar Reddy and Smt. Akkamma.

"DIGITHON which envisions development and transformation of any of our ordinary villages into a digitally literate and empowered with knowledge citizens village, has now taken wings in other countries too, with NRIs supporting DIGITHON. NRIs are showing active interest and are helping by supporting TITA transform their villages into digital villages. TITA's DIGITHON Dondapadu started with an overwhelming response from the entire village, who enthusiastically participated with TITA team, to felicitate Appi Reddy's  parents on this auspicious day and to make this inspiring initiation a wonderful success. The digital literacy training for the village citizens will be started from August 6th, with all the support from TITA's DIGITHON team. Following the training, village citizens will be completing an online examination to get the "Digital Literate" certificate and they will have further support of TITA's team for expanding their knowledge, perspective, opportunities and enhancing their lives with the new transformational digital power that they have now achieved and using the Computers that will be donated and made available to them at their Gram Panchayath Office." said TITA Founder & President Mr. Sundeep Kumar Makthala. 

Appi Reddy says Sundeep Makthala's Digithon presentation, on his recent visit to California, has attracted him to adopt the village under Digithon Digital Village initiative and he choose his native village Dondapadu, which is still one of the villages that is considered under developed. "As this village has a sizable population of people from scheduled/ backward/ oppressed castes, they will now greatly benefit from this Digital Literacy education.  TITA's DIGITHON Dondapadu will empower them and every household in the village with Digital Literacy and thus will help in eradicating some of the inequalities in the society. DIGITHON Dondapadu will also help make it all a level playing field for Dondapadu citizens, to easily and confidently compete with the rest of the people in cities, without any hurdles on the Information Highway that they can leverage to their and their village's growth and prosperity" he added.

TITA's DIGITHON initiative, with the adoption of his native village by NRI Appi Reddy, has now clearly proved even more that, TITA is leaving no stone unturned to make all the villages in Telangana into digitally literate, empowered and developed villages and has taken another strong step towards achieving "Our BANGARU TELANGANA" with all of its TITA team's, NRIs and Telangana citizen's support.  Appi Reddy has set an excellent example to follow for all the NRI citizens all over the world, who deeply love their Telangana to be a part of building our Bangaru Telangana and to take up a small responsibility by choosing a village of their choice and develop it into a model digital village. As the saying goes, "If you give a fish to a hungry person, he eats for a day. But if you teach him how to fish, he will be able to eat every day." If you agree with this and would like to participate or know more info, please send an email to: [email protected] 

Dondapadu Sarpanch Dasaratha Ramayya, TITA Global President Sundeep Kumar Makthala, TITA Vice President Ranapratap Bojjam, Vinod, Pratap Chandra, Madira Venkat Reddy, G. Venkateshwarlu, Mettu Venkat, Rajshekar and others have participated in the awesome initiative and event.