Alliance Francaise, Hyderabad hosts a group art exhibition, ‘NavDevi’ celebrating diversity of talent and creativity in women. The exhibition by bringing together the accomplished and creative women goes on to prove that art is omnipresent and creativity when used in the right context has connoisseurs abound in every field.  

The participating artists include: 
Artist Udaya Chiluveru is qualified with MFA in painting, and is the founder of Udaya Kala Kendram, (Art Institute for Women). She embraces the essence of Indian traditional painting in a series of works that rejoice the innate, extremely attractive charisma of the flora. She dedicates a section of the work to the Gods and Goddesses that are rendered in such a manner that they celebrate the Indian ethos to the fullest, reflecting the fine aesthetics of traditional Tanjore painting. 

Artist Abhijna Vemuru is an emerging artist and a recent graduate from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She shares about her work, “I mainly do painting on feminism and mythology. My inspiration comes from the women I encounter in my daily life. As I study a lot of Hindu and Greek mythology, I believe that women in every corner of the world have a story that's as important as any goddess.”  

Artist Gayathri Narayanan is a classical singer, born in Chennai to a family of two generations of musicians. Hyderabad-based artist Deepa Nath is a self-taught artist. “I have done charcoal drawings inspired from Kamasutra. It’s not just erotic, but people are scared to hear the name, so, I named my series ‘Rasa’.”

Anjali Parvati Koda is a writer - director in theatre and films. Having started out assisting her father, filmmaker Mohan Koda in advertisement and television shows, she went on to co-find the theatre group Samahaara. Anjali is also a standup comedian and has performed mostly in Hyderabad. Her latest stint includes directing a short film and a web series which are in the shooting stage.   

Artist Lavanya Dutt’s painting is about ‘nature’ and it’s about beautiful changing colours in which, she uses mediums like colour, texture and space by using the brushes and the palette knife, and acrylic on canvas. French-artist Beatrice De Fays creates interactive installations, developed from various means and techniques, in order to propose to the visitor to enter the ‘space’ of the painting Artist Radhika Prathipati shares, “The works that I have exhibited in this show was from crow series using mixed media on hand made paper.

My interest for crows arrives from my childhood habit of feeding crows. I feel the presence of crow here as an indicator of alertness from human indulgences, careless consumptions, which are harmful in regard to environmental concerns.”

Artist Shweta Balasubramoni is into interior designing. She started with a series of low budget makeovers. The work she displayed is a layout plan for an IT office with a blend of contemporary and rustic interiors. “I have used pearl colours to form the basis for the palette.”

By Heena Mishra