Hyderabad: Incessant rains spell good tidings for Hyderabad. According to the latest statistics from the Groundwater Department of Telangana, on an average, groundwater level in Hyderabad increased by three metres. In August 2016, groundwater level was 8.73 metres below the surface of the ground (mgbl); the average for the district this August is 5.62 metres.

According to N Raji Reddy, Deputy Director, Groundwater Department, there has been an increase in water levels in almost all the mandals in the district barring Marredpally. Explaining the reason, he said that while in Nampally the penetration of water is faster due to shallow depth, the rocky terrain and the deeper water levels in Marredpally are reasons why the levels have not been increased.

Officials say that by next month, the water levels in Marredpally and nearby areas are bound to increase. In Ameerpet mandal, the average ground water level was 17.10 mbgl last year and in August 2017 it is 15.55 mgbl. In Asifnagar too there has been a good increase in groundwater levels, to the extent of three metres. The levels that stood at 5.49 mgbl in August 2016 rose to 2.3 mgbl in the same month in 2017. The areas that come under Asifnagar mandal are Humayunnagar, Kulsumpura and Government Polytechnic Masab Tank.

Good rainfall
Usually, Hyderabad gets good rainfall in the month of September, but this year the city received bountiful rains in June as well as August. Officials at the Groundwater Department say that it augurs well for the city as rainfall in the last few years was not good. The piezometer at Sanjeevaiah Park showed a marginal rise in water level from 2.05 metres in 2016 it is now 1.5 metres. In all, there are 21 piezometers in the district. There is no piezometer in Amberpet and Golconda. Officials say that work is underway and they would set up piezometers soon.

The Nampally area witnessed the maximum rise in groundwater levels from 6.62 metres to 1.27 metres between August 2016 and August 2017. The annual rise in ground water levels indicate that people would be better placed as far as groundwater requirement is concerned. Officials are also hopeful that in September the city would get more rainfall.