The last letter ‘Z’ in the code on the bus number plate represents Zahoorunnissa”
The last letter ‘Z’ in the code on the bus number plate represents Zahoorunnissa”

Secunderabad: Secunderabad has occupied a prominent place in the history, particularly the period pertaining to British and Nizam rule. Every corner of this city has its own charm, and the best part is if you want to know more about this place, all what you have to do is just go out in the crowd and feel its warmth.

The transport system forms an integral part of everybody’s life as we use it for commuting to the place of work, school and other important places. So is the case with the people of Secunderabad. About 60 per cent of the population of Secunderabad are dependent on buses for transport. Therefore, it becomes important to go back into the history of bus service in Secunderabad.

The first bus service in Secunderabad was introduced in the year 1856. Mir Khan Traffic Inspector grade 3 told The Hans India, “Mir Mahboob Ali Khan’s wife Zahoorunnissa used the ‘Meher’ money she got it at the time of her marriage from the Nizam ruler to start the transport service in Secunderabad. Out of tribute we have the letter ‘Z’ printed on every number plate of vehicles in Hyderabad, such as APZ, AEZ, and AAZ. The last letter ‘Z’ in the code on the number plate represents Zahoorunnissa”.

He further adds, “Zahoorunnisa Begum was full of sympathy for common people, therefore she used the money which she got from her husband for public service and people in both the regions respect her for that.”

The first transport system of Hyderabad was named as NSR RTD (Nizam State Road and Railway Transport Department). Later 1965 this service was converted into route No 1 followed by route number 2, 3, and 7 to ensure smooth passage within the places of the twin cities by the APSRTC.

This was done to facilitate the transport needs of the people between Secunderabad and the Hyderabad, as there was no direct bus connecting the places with the rest of the Hyderabad. The Rathifile bus station at Secunderabad (which now stands renovated) was the only bus station which was the service station for buses as well as the reporting station for the bus drivers. Currently the bus connects Azfalgunj, Koti, Narayanguda, Musherabad and Secunderabad station.

Today there are more than 500 buses operating from Secunderabad bus junction to different places of Hyderabad of public interest like the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Charminar, Tank Bund, Mehdipatnam and Central Bus station (CBS) from where people can board buses to different villages.

Apart from this, the government of Telangana State has also introduced several luxury buses at the Secunderabad bus station to ensure the comfort of the commuters and maintain the rich legacy of history.