Blatant traffic violations lead to spurt in mishaps
Blatant traffic violations lead to spurt in mishaps

Charminar: Movement of heavy vehicles in the busy hours on the streets of old city has been a major concern of people. Heavy vehicles and trucks are not allowed to move on the city roads or streets during the regular business hours from 5 am to 10: 30 pm however it is not being implemented in old city.

Several water tankers, sand lorries, DCM vans and other heavy vehicles move on the streets in the old city making it difficult for traffic to move. Since narrow lanes cannot accommodate these vehicles thus accidents and mishaps are regularly taking place. These vehicles are moving in the streets during restricted hours and that is making the movement of small vehicles and two wheelers difficult.

 The traffic police were also seen turning a blind eye to this blatant violation of rules by the drivers and transporters.

The gory road accident that occurred in Bahadurpura was not only the mistake of minors but it was the result of violation by heavy vehicle drivers. A 15- year- old boy from Kishanbagh, a pillion rider, was crushed by a lorry on the road from Bahadurpura to Kishenbagh on Sunday.

Advocate Shafiullah Quadri from Kishan Bagh said that the incidents involving minors were painful but parents need to be conscious and careful of their children. He said that road accidents can be stopped from occurring if traffic police do not forget their responsibility and parents control their children.

Police officials in South Zone have conducted several programmes of counseling the minors and their parents but minor riders are ruling the roost in old city. A similar accident was reported at Bahadurpura junction when an Anganwadi teacher was crushed by a DCM vehicle when she was trying to board a bus. The incident occurred during restricted hours.

As per the traffic police norms, DCMs cannot move on the city roads before 12 noon and from 4 pm to 10 pm daily. Beyond this time limit, it would be violation of the traffic norms, which is observed more in the breach.