Workshop on ‘Toxicity in The City’
Workshop on ‘Toxicity in The City’

Hyderabad: Dr Praveen Saxena announces the launch of the Integrative Medicine Centre in Gachibowli along with a workshop on ‘Toxicity In The City III’ for the third time at FTAPPCI Red Hills, Hyderabad Justice Subhashan Reddy Garu presided the event. Dr Isaac Golden from Australia was the guest of honour.

It is a life changing information and solutions regarding major issues in the area of natural health and prevention including cancer, autism, health optimization and longevity. Other topics include information on toxicity, vaccines safety, effective detoxification and how to achieve health freedom and maintain autonomy.

This workshop provided the first opportunity of a joint symposium for both health care providers and the general public. This practical life-changing information which comes with no side effects. These seminars are to be held throughout the country bringing this essential message of effective detoxification and the various proven treatments universally applicable to reverse many chronic diseases to all areas of the country. The agenda packed event which talks about Toxicity, its medical implications from a physician, Homeopath, dentist, engineer, scientist and policy maker point of view. 
The Managing  Director and Founder of Dr Saxena Integrative Medicine Dr Praveen Kumaar Saxenaa, MBBS DMRD FCMT Clinical Metal Toxicologist (IBCMT) & Environmental Medicine specialist, for last 20 years  has helped people with chronic health problems using latest advances in complementary and integrative medicine, which emphasizes science based  natural therapies in place of surgery & prescription medications suppressing  symptoms has initiated this Toxicity in the City PUBLIC HEALTH LECTURE SERIES  in 2014 Dr Saxena has committed years of his life to what he believes and has fought the establishment resiliently when confronted to insure the rights of his patients.  

Many consider him a “maverick” because of his completely holistic approach to health and healing along with his fearlessness in being outspoken against the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment that indiscriminately supports the use of their drugs. But the results speak for themselves. An internationally sought-after speaker, where he testified on the dangers of heavy metal toxicity.