Rise in sale of organic poultry products online
Rise in sale of organic poultry products online

Hyderabad: The city-based E-commerce website for organic poultry products is gaining popularity among the market. The website managed by Sowbhagya Hatcheries is also gaining popularity in Bangalore for organic poultry products. 
Manager Aditya Reddy said “We started our website in the month of March and it is gaining popularity since then sales have increased in Hyderabad when compared to Bangalore. Earlier, we used to deal with supermarkets and general stores in the city but customers usually look for fresh eggs which cannot be assured in supermarket. 

Eggs usually get spoiled easily during summer and customers cannot compromise with the freshness, keeping this in mind we started selling eggs online through our website eggs are usually delivered in a day, sometimes within a few hours.  When compared to supermarkets eggs are sold at a cheaper price online.” 

Joint Manager Harsha Vardhana Reddy Chinnam said “Each egg costs about Rs 12.50 this is for the cheapest organic farm grown variant, the eggs we sell are grown organically in farm. In poultry farms the birds are injected with sedative and antibiotics which are good for temporary basis but it can be harmful for both bird and consumer in the long term. 

We feed our birds with natural ingredients like garlic, maize and turmeric which are nutritious and rich in antibiotics. Apart from this we also import algae which are rich in omega3, DHA are imported from USA to avoid artificial immunity boosters and steroids.”