Sec’bad Cantt residents want remaining roads to be open
Sec’bad Cantt residents want remaining roads to be open

Secunderabad: A road was reopened in Jhansi Cantonment on Friday and the repercussions were felt in Secunderabad Cantonment as residents rejoiced the latest development and the clamour for reopening of the remaining 15 roads is rising.

S Chandrashekar, spokesperson of Open Secunderabad Cantonment All Roads (OSCAR) said the Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) needs to call for a special board meeting on the issue and adhere to the Defence Ministry’s directive.

He further added that section 258 of the Cantonment Act of 2006 was not followed by the Local Military Authority (LMA). When other cantonments are reopening the roads why is there so much reluctance here. The SCB must adhere to the said guidelines of MOD and resort to open all 15 closed roads after the majority passes the resolution after the same is approved by the Principal Director of Command and Directorate General Defence Estates (DGDE).”

As the issue is taken up seriously, “The SCB had turned a blind eye to the issue for three years now, and if it fails to convene a board meeting by May 21 we will take the issue to K T Rama Rao, Minister of IT Technology and Municipal Administration and Urban Development,” he adds. On the other hand, as the academic year begins in a couple of weeks, the closure of roads had become a cause of constant worry to parents whose children are studying in Valerian Grammar High school. 

The outcome of barring public entry into the cantonment roads that connects Valerian Grammar School has been forcing the school children coming from Alwal, Lothukunta, Bolaram, Risala Bazar, Venkatapuram and Sainikpuri to take longer routes.

The principal of Valerian Grammar School had written a letter to the Ministry of Defence on  January 24, 2017 requesting for right of way as hundreds of school children use the way.

BY Sushma Nagaraju