Over-speeding KCR’s vehicles challaned
Over-speeding KCR’s vehicles challaned

Hyderabad: It seems the Hyderabad Traffic Police are using robots to generate ‘challans’ for traffic violations. This time, it is the turn of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao to receive a traffic challan. Four different high-end cars, bearing the registration number of Chief Minister’s vehicles – TS 09 K 6666, have been challaned recently for overspeeding.  

An interesting question that needs to be answered is: Who has to pay the pending challans and how come the police did not realise that the number against which the challans were issued was in fact the one that has been allotted to the vehicles of the Chief Minister. “The traffic violations are true, and the actual perpetrators have escaped, now who have to pay for them?” questioned a Twitterati. 

There are as many as seven challans pending against the CM’s official vehicles. The challans were issued by the Hyderabad and Cyberabad Traffic Police. A sum of Rs 7,845 is pending for the violations which were recorded with electronic evidence. Surprisingly, the Hyderabad Traffic Police charged Rs 400 for ‘overspeeding or dangerous driving’, whereas the Cyberabad Police charged 1400 for the same violation. 

A Mercedes Benz car, Volvo, Volkswagen, and Toyota Fortuner were among the cars which had the Chief Minister’s vehicle number.  The CM's convoy comprises two Toyota Prado sports utility cars and four Toyota Fortuners with a registration number bearing TS09K6666.

“This shows lack of sincerity in deterring the crimes. They are only focused on penalising the violators. This also shows lack of coordination between the Road Transport Authority and the traffic police. If they issue online challans and demand that we pay up. There is no appeal and no one listens to our grievances, Chary, who paid challans for wrong parking.  

When contacted by The Hans India, Cyberabad Traffic DCP S M Vijay Kumar said, “We have noticed that some people moving in the vehicles with government vehicle registration numbers. We will take stringent action against them when they are caught.”

By Kartheek B