Lack of coordination between departments leads to silt-ridden roads
Lack of coordination between departments leads to silt-ridden roads

Nacharam: The left hand does not know what the right is doing they say, it stands true as far as the line departments in the city are concerned. Thanks to the lack of coordination when one road is recarpeted within no time it is dug again. For instance, the GHMC takes up works and within months, the Water Board officials dig roads. 

Most of the divisions in Nacharam division including Nacharam Village, Baba Nagar, Kartikeya Nagar, Raghavendra Nagar, Bhavani Nagar are in bad condition. One has to count the roads that have no potholes. Almost every road is pothole ridden says Ravi Kumar, a resident of Raghavendra Nagar. Local residents lamented that it is a big risk for them to move on the roads. Apart from pot holes they became silt paths due to recent rains. It makes them very difficult to move on the roads. Lack of co-ordination between various departments converted CC roads to mettle roads with dig out of them for works.

Locals lamented that roads became mini tanks with rain shower. They also complained about drainage system. They said that during rain, the water stagnated on roads and it is difficult to find man holes. Sometimes it led to accidents, they said. They urged the officials to identify the pot holes and take suitable action in solving the problem.

Local resident, Ashok lamented that they are suffering with bad roads for one year. He specifically explained the pathetic condition of road between Baba Nagar to Nacharam Village during rainy season. He alleged that road was dug out for water pipeline works and after completion of the work they forget to restore and the road. Ashok also alleged that the officials left the remaining pipes which caused more inconvenience to the residents. When contacted, Water works AE Ramesh said that they will remove the pipes and solve the problem.

BY A Hareesh

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