Private school forces students to bring ‘roti’
Private school forces students to bring ‘roti’

Hussaini Alam:  A private school in Old City allegedly forced the students to bring ‘roti’ in their lunch boxes. The management is averse to students eating rice or even egg during the lunch time. Parents of one of the students, who do not want to be identified, expressed outrage over the dictum.  

Following reports that Maheshwari Vidyalaya with a total strength of 800 students in Kabutarkhana near Hussaini Alam in Old City was not allowing children to eat rice in the school premises during lunch hours, the Balala Hakkula Sangham took up the issue. “When we enquired about this school administrator Monika, she replied that they won’t allow children to eat rice with a fear that parents may send stale food and when asked about egg she replied it was a Maheshwari community school so won’t allow non-vegetarian food. 

Further, she said if one child would be allowed to eat egg, other children of the community would follow suit by eating egg,” said Achyuta Rao, Honorary President. He said that the organisation strongly condemns the attitude of the school keeping away the children from nutritious food and lodged a complaint with District Educational Officer Hyderabad to initiate action on the school for attributing religious sentiments too and discriminating children.

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