Jubilee Hills: The quality of Road Number 82 at Film Nagar has deteriorated to such an extent that commuters are forced to think twice before taking the route. 

The cliff-hanger slanting road is at a very high elevation on one side that makes the ride as if travelling in ghats. 

During rains the motorists find it impossible to ride through the gushing water sliding down with force. Besides this, recently the road on one side caved in.   
The commuters taking this slanted route get jittery as one side of the road exposes the motorists to the valley. It has also become the reason for traffic jams and accidents.

 It is to be noted that Rd Number 82 of Film Nagar is a vital connecting road between Jubilee Hills and Shaikpet, the road further leads to IT corridor of the city and Outer Ring Road (ORR).

Pavan, a local auto driver said, “I fear taking up this road as my auto is brand new and this roller coaster ride is a risky one with a side of road caved in.”    

Fahad, a rider stated, “This road always frightens me, as the potholes are deep and are invisible in the dark.”

The people residing in the nearby government apartments say, “The potholes are a huge threat and the gushing running water from the elevated road makes it difficult for us to drive vehicles.”

While four-wheelers have to be driven in the first gear throughout the entire stretch, for two-wheeler riders, it’s a back-breaking journey. 

And the rain has only made the travel worse.  

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