Politicos on the edge as residents fume
Politicos on the edge as residents fume

Saroornagar: While the politicos dared to face the locals, who vented their ire over the issues related to water, roads and drainage, they failed to pacify voters tormented by mosquito menace in Saroornagar. Fed up with the apathetic attitude of corporators, MLA and the GHMC officials, the residents shooed away politicians across the parties who approached them for votes. 

Mallika, a resident says, “As a rule, we residents decided to first take an assurance from the contesting candidates that they would take up the issue on priority if they come to power.”  Another resident Raju KK, secretary, Manikanta Apartments, says, “It is the stagnant lake water the main cause for the increase in mosquitoes. The garbage in the lake is not cleared on time resulting in the increase of mosquitoes. Evenings are so horrific. We are having many sleepless nights because of mosquitoes. We are scared to come out of the house.”

Many cases of malaria and vector-borne diseases have been detected in the area and doctors blame the mosquitoes and the polluted lake. “It’s very hard for us to stay here. Our children cannot go out in the evenings to play. No mosquito nets and repellents are stopping mosquitoes from entering the house. We want GHMC to take measures for controlling the mosquitoes”, said one resident. Another said, “It is the residents who should take the proper measures in controlling the pollution and mosquitoes. People should not throw garbage into the lake and should keep the surroundings clean.” Some residents said that they have informed GHMC officers about the problem but there is no change in the situation. They said that they were not happy with the response from the GHMC officers.

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