Hyderabad: The police under tight security shifted the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) of constituencies under the Greater Hyderabad limits to strong rooms on late Friday night after the conclusion of polling. All the polling stations in Hyderabad, Cyberabad and Rachakonda Police Commissionerates were provided enough security including central forces while the shift of EVMs to strongrooms. Local DCPs personally monitored the shift along with the election staff and sealed the doors.

In Hyderabad, for 15 Assembly constituencies, a total of 3, 911 polling stations were arranged in 1,574 locations. In Cyberabad limits for 13 Assembly constituencies 2,867 polling stations were arranged. Whereas for seven Assembly constituencies in Rachakonda 3,073 polling stations were arranged.

The police kept special focus while transporting the EVMs from 17 vulnerable polling stations in Hyderabad, 517 critical polling stations in Rachakonda and 152 critical polling stations in Cyberabad.

The Chief Electoral Officer ordered police to pay more attention while shifting the EVMs to strong rooms. A three-tier strong security along with Central additional forces arranged to safeguard the strong rooms. The EVMs will remain under CCTV surveillance and tight security till they are opened on December 11. Police also made necessary security arrangements at the counting centres.

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