KCR Is Attractive Than Himalayas : RGV
KCR Is Attractive Than Himalayas : RGV

 Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma who entertains the people with his tweets has made a comeback on the latest results of the elections in the state of Telangana. Posting a spoof video of the film Aagadu with KCR, RGV has tagged KCR's son KTR and said, "Hey @KTRTRS ,ur father KCR is not 2.0 but he is 20.0 times @rajinikanth 200.0 times @urstrulyMahesh and 2000.0 times bigger than @ncbn" to which KTR replied, "I always knew that. What took you so long to figure that Ramu Garu?" and RGV replied back saying, "Well I guess I was dumb ! Anyway Here’s 2.0 billion Cheers to u and ur dad."

The comments garnered a lot of attention from the public and later again RGV came up with two more tweets revealing his admiration towards KCR which he always does.


"I always maintained that KCR was more beautiful than all heroines but now I think he’s more handsome than all heroes and more attractive than all the Himalayas. If Modi put the tallest statue in Gujarat, Telangana should put 2.0 times higher statue of KCR." said RGV on Twitter.


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