Silver ornaments offered to Goddess Maisamma

THE HANS INDIA |   Dec 13,2018 , 05:00 AM IST

Silver ornaments offered to Goddess Maisamma
Musheerabad: Jalavihar management represented by Indira Ramaraju and Suvarna, wife of Talasani Srinivas Yadav, presented silver adornments to goddess Katta Maisamma at Kanakala Katta Maisamma Temple, located at Lower Tank Bund on Wednesday.

The management presented the offering on the occasion of the TRS party coming back to power and following the victory of Talasani Srinivas Yadav in the just concluded elections. Earlier, a special puja was performed by main priest Rama Sharma, Rajesh Sharma and Satwik Sharma. After the puja, Indira Ramaraju, Suvarna and Jalavihar CM Pratap Jyothi Prasad presented silver ornaments to the Goddess Katta Maisamma. Speaking on the occasion, Indira Ramaraju said that they had vowed to offer silver adornments if TRS came back to power. Chief priests of the temple offered their blessings and hoped that the people of the state would lead happy and prosperous lives during the TRS rule.

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