Stray dog menace in Champapet
Stray dog menace in Champapet

Champapet: Thanks to the menace of stray dogs, people in Champapet have been dreading to walk on the streets. “The dogs move in groups and attack people.


  • There are only 30 vets in GHMC for five zones 
  • Staff crunch hinders birth control operations
  •  A survey in 2011 estimated 5 lakh strays in city 
Their numbers have been increasing. We are scared to come out of homes, especially in the evenings,” says N Srilatha, a resident of Greek Park Colony. She adds, “When we complained to the GHMC officials, we were told that there is lack of staff, and sterilisation work would commence soon.” 

Locals complain that the number of stray dogs has increased manifold in the area. As per a survey conducted by GHMC in 2011, the number of stray dogs in the city was about five lakhs.   There are two veterinary doctors in the zone, but there is a need for more, said officials. 

“We are scared to send our children out to play. They tend to bark at children and threaten them. Female stray dogs that have puppies are usually more conscious and become aggressive, when someone accidentally approaches the puppies,” say the residents in the area.

“First of all, residents should stop throwing garbage on the roads. Street dogs are fond of garbage.  Puppies roam on the roads, and they are vulnerable to getting hit by vehicles. We request GHMC people to come and take away the dogs and give them good food and shelter,” said S Padmaja Reddy, a resident of Champapet.

People are scared to come out of their homes alone during nights. Stray dogs are also disturbing the sleep of the residents by barking and howling the whole night, she added. 

Street dogs are making life miserable for the residents. They chase people in groups and bite them.  The residents are scared of dog bites and want officials to take action as soon as possible, Padmaja said. 

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