Police convey people’s concern to food providers

THE HANS INDIA |   Jan 21,2019 , 02:42 AM IST

Police convey people’s concern to food providers
Hyderabad: In view of increasing public complaints against the traffic violations by food delivery vehicles in the city, Cyberabad traffic police held sensitization- cum-safety review meeting with the three major food delivery companies on Sunday.

Cyberabad CP VC Sajjanar along with his team members met with the operations in-charge members from Swiggy, Zomato and Uber Eats at the CP office.

Issues related to public safety, road safety, law & order involving the food delivery vehicles and persons in Cyberabad were reviewed in detail. Traffic police conveyed the public concern with regard to dangerous activities on roads by the food delivery vehicles like drunken driving, rash driving, opposite direction driving, signal jumping, honking, lane indiscipline, cell phone usage, number plate tampering to the members of food delivery companies.

Also, the traffic police advised the food delivery platforms to take measures to discourage their associate drivers from indulging in traffic rule violations. A mechanism for taking stringent action against repeated traffic violators from among their drivers based on a traffic points system has also been proposed.

The companies assured the police of taking all measures to ensure public safety, road safety, traffic discipline and security of the drivers and the customers.They also agreed to put in place a robust system for continuous surveillance over their drivers and to take stringent action against the repeated the traffic rule violators.

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