Wide gaps between the Barricades pose a threat to the visitors at Tankbund

By Suhasini Reddy | THE HANS INDIA |   Jan 22,2019 , 01:28 PM IST

Wide gaps between the Barricades pose a threat to the visitors at Tankbund
 HYDERABAD: Watch out your step when you visit NTR gardens and have to take a selfie, in backdrop of Buddha statue, as the wide gap found in between iron barricades in posing a high risk to the visitors.

Hundreds of vistors and newly weds who come to take selfies, are scared about viewing of wide gaps, beign left over in between iron barricades by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation( GHMC) Officials and expressing over anguish.

These wide gaps, however posing a serious danger to the visitors and commuters those travelling to NTR marg.
Moreover, the gaps become vulnerable points to the people for comminting suicides too After the mega event of Ganesha immersion, was completed six months ago, the civic body, ignored to restore wide gaps. The iron grill were removed to place huge cranes to immerse thousands of ganesha idols, but officials were neglected to fill the gaps with iron grills.

Temporary barrigade arrangements are made to fill in the gaps found at various places keeping the youth and drunkards in mind, but it is only temporary arrangement. Permenant arrangements have to be made by the GHMC  immedieately. when contacted the GHMC they said that proposals have been sent but due to the assembly poll, we could not processed the proposals, replied the GHMC official. 

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