Victims of Green Gold Biotech staged protest at Uppal office
Victims of Green Gold Biotech staged protest at Uppal office

 Victims of Green Gold Biotech Company staged protest infront of its office in Uppal. As the company MD arrested by the Uppal police on Wednesday and the news spread in media and social network, victims started coming to Uppal office and beating their heads for becoming as scape goats to the cheater.

A Niranjan (46) from Nizampet said that he  has paid Rs 1 lakh to them as his friend in Chilkanagar told him about the business. They have given bond papers and said that every month the machine buyer gets Rs 10,000 for the duration of 24 months for his investment. And for the oil which they process from the ground nut every time they  get  Rs 5000.

Since the assurances are big and they are getting Rs 10,000 every month majority of the people did mouth publicity to their friends and relatives and invested Rs 1 lakh and bought the oil production machine. Majority of the victim's are women and are crying when they came to know that the business is fake and the Green Gold MD cheated them.

The company cheated the people in five states including Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Maharashtra. Police arrested the company MD Jinna Srikanth and are investigating the case.

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