Sathwaji and his wife Vydugula Aruna

Sathwaji and his wife Vydugula Aruna

Hyderabad: The surrendered CPI (Maoist) Central Committee member Sathwaji alias Sharath, Sudhakar/ Kiran/ Shashikanth hails from Sangapur village in Nirmal district. He was born in a poor family . He studied up to 7th class at his native village.  

From 8th to Intermediate he studied at Government Junior College in Nirmal. While he was studying Intermediate in 1983, he came in contact with  Venu, the then Adilabad district RSU president, and he was attracted towards the ideology espoused by the CPI (ML) PW Group.  

Later he joined RSU and discontinued his studies whe he was in Intermediate 2nd year. He married Vydugula Aruna alias Neelima in 1998 while they were working in party in Adilabad district.

He worked as courier from 1984 to 1985 under Venu. In 1986 he was attached to Irri Mohan Reddy, technical team for working in CTC courier network. He put him in a den at Bengaluru. While he was working in Central Technical Team(CTC) network, he  used to transport arms and ammunition from Bengaluru to different areas. Later they put him in a den at Gulbarga.

In 1986 CTC couriers Tata and Madhu were arrested at Hyderabad.  On their information, Hyderabad police arrested Sudhakar and seized arms and ammunition from his possession. This case is known as “Famous Ramnagar Conspiracy Case”. He was in jail between 1986 and 1989.

In December 1989 , he was  released from jail and started working in Raithu Coolie Sangam(RCS) under  the guidance of Varavara Rao with whom he developed a close rapport in jail. During 1990, when the government was engaged in talks with the Naxalites, he was given the responsibility of construction of Indravelli martyrs memorial column.

He was instrumental in   constructing and getting the martyrs memorial column unveiled. After failure of talks in 1990, police operations resumed and on the advice of  Katakam Sudharshan, he went underground. He worked mostly in military formations of CPI(Maoist).  

He worked as DKSZC State Military Commission secretary for 13 years. He became member of Central Military Commission on induction to Central Committee in 2013. While working in military wing, he participated and led many raids and ambushes. In 2014 to 2019 he was transferred to ERB as a Central Committee member to Bihar and Jharkhand. 

His wife Vydugula Aruna alias Madhavi / Neelima, who was a State Committee member in Bihar Jharkhand Special Area Committee, is from Mahmadpuram village in Warangal Rural district. She came from a poor family. She has a brother. She studied up to 8th standard.

As her parents performed her marriage at 3rd standard which became an obstacle for her for further studies. During the period, she was attracted by the revolutionary songs by the local dalam and joined the then Peoples War Group (PWG). She worked as a dalam member in 1993-1996 as Area Committee member in 1996-2000 and as Area Committee Secretary in 2000-2002 in North Telangana area of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh.  

During 2002-2009, she worked as a divisional committee member in Chhattisgarh and from 2009-2014 she was promoted into Regional Committee as member to Chhattisgarh, later during 2014-2015 she worked as a Regional Committee member in Bihar-Jharkhand and during 2015 to 2019 she performed as a State Committee member  in Bihar-Jharkhand Special Area Committee. 

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