Rupees 10 crore-plus directors no more spell magic
Rupees 10 crore-plus directors no more spell magic

Even the trade bigwigs were expecting that the heady combination of seasoned director V V Vinayak and Sai Dharam Tej will draw decent enough openings for ‘Inteligent’ but it received lukewarm response at the box office. 

“Leave alone the insane plot, but we expected minimum openings for Vinayak-Sai Dharam combination, but openings were dampening, while critics tore the film apart. Vinayak who is known for commercial blockbusters, seems to have lost his midas touch. 

Also showing his losing interest in filmmaking since he is getting ready to get into politics,” says distributor Venkateswar Rao who feels that Trivikram Srinivas has chance to make a comeback “even though `Agnyathavasi’ was the biggest flop  in his career.” 

According to industry sources, directors like Trivikram Srinivas, Srinu Vaitla, Puri Jagannath and Boyapati Srinu are some of the directors who reportedly draw a pay of more than Rs 10 to 12 crore per film. “Some of the top directors are not justifying their huge pay cheques and no more a bankable names. 

Once their names spun box office magic, but not anymore…” says distributor Choudury who claims that financially well-settled directors are taking things for granted. “They are putting 20% interest in filmmaking, while 80% interest in real estate, theatres and political plans. Earlier, they used to discuss with a young team of writers and travel a lot and could deliver blockbusters. 

But now, they are confining themselves to four walls and going wrong in script selection as they are working with old and stale writers and losing connect with demanding new generation viewers and dishing out biggest flops of their career. 

If they don’t re-invent themselves and come up with new themes, away from their clichded fare, or else their careers will hit rock bottom sooner than later,” says distributor Vishnumurhty who urges these directors to look beyond just star image and lavishness. “Their stories are lacking emotional quotient and novelty. 

They are relying more on breath-taking visuals and high-funda action sequences riding on star image. It is high time, they get back to drawing table and pen novel storylines, otherwise they will lose the race to Gen Y directors who are making waves these days. 

Even superstars are reluctant to work with 50-plus directors, so its high time, these dream merchants shed their lethargy and comfort and apply mind on their work to regain their past glory,” concludes Vishnumurthy.