Bigg Boss Season 2: September 7th Episode Highlights
Bigg Boss Season 2: September 7th Episode Highlights

Ticket To Finale task continued in the Bigg Boss house in the current episode. The contestants were in the car and could not help themselves but staying there for 24 hours amidst a lot of problems. Kaushal is the judge for the task. Roll Rida and Amit who could not be a part of the task helped the housemates in the car by bringing food and other things for them.

Kaushal was strict in his job and the housemates in the car were unhappy with his behavior. They alleged that Kaushal is framing the new rules. Later, there was an argument between Kaushal and Geetha Madhuri regarding sleeping. Kaushal requested Geetha to get down the car as she slept in the car. Geetha was initially hesitant but later came out of the car accepting her defeat.

They have again argued over the elimination. Geetha said that she was happy to eliminate Kaushal for the entire season and Kaushal too reacted saying that he got a bad impression on her when she nominated Kaushal for the entire season.

As Geetha stepped out of the car, Samrat and Tanish turned this task as a physical task. Samrat tried to push Shyamala outside the car and so is Tanish. Tanish behaved wrongly with Deepthi and wrestled with her to push her out. Tanish later argued that Deepthi has to come out of the car as her hair and hands touched the ground. But, Kaushal gave a clarity that the housemate should come out of the car if their leg touches the ground.

Tanish, Deepthi, Shyamala discussed that Kaushal's wife has a lot of patience to handle him and their discussion did not look good. By the time the task ended, there were Deepthi, Tanish, and Shyamala in the car. No one won the task.

In the end, Manu hero and heroine came to the house for the promotions of their movie.

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