Now Tanish Army to counter Kaushal Army
Now Tanish Army to counter Kaushal Army

Youv’e heard about Tanish Army. Now the latest to join the issue is Tanish Army. Everyone knows how Kaushal Army wreaks havoc by carpet bombing through online messages and active voting. It ensures who would remain in the house and who would get eliminated.  Kaushal Army had recentl organized a 2K run in support of the model-turned-TV actor. Now, Tanish too has his army. The Tanish Army has organized a 5 K Run in support of Kaushal.

The show, which is racing towards its end, is making waves as it reaches the climax. The feverish pitch is reaching a crescendo and tension is in the air. Tanish is known to be a bitter critic of Kaushal. Of late, even Geetha Madhuri joined the anti-Kaushal brigade inside the Bigg Boss House. The Bigg Boss house now has just seven contestants. It remains to be seen how these armies fight it out.

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