'2.O' 8 days box office collections report
'2.O' 8 days box office collections report

Rajikanth and Shankar's magnum opus '2.0' has finally hit the screens today and is doing well at the box office. The movie has already collected a worldwide gross of 457 Cr with a distributor share of 228 Cr  at the box office. 

The worldwide theatricals of the film are valued at 370 Cr the movie has already made a recovery of 61% so far. In India when compared to the other states, the film is raking big numbers in North India. The Hindi version is performing well when compared to the Telugu and Tamil versions. The Hindi version made a recovery percent of 50%. '2.O' will emerge as a hit in North India by the end of second week.

Interestingly, in Tamil Nadu, the rights are valued for 100 cr but the film has collected only 40 cr share which is less than 'Robo' collections. In Telugu States, the film has collected 41.7 Cr share whereas the rights were sold for 72 cr which is 58% recovery and is expected to complete full run with 70-75%. In 'Karnataka' the film as collected 17 cr which is 57% recovery and is expected to end its run with 75-80% recovery. In Kerala, the film has collected 7.1 cr share which is about 50% recovery and might end with 65-70% recovery in full-run.

North America collections are huge for the film with a gross of $ 4.3 M. It has collect about 8 more million dollars to become a hit there. The film did well in Australia & New Zealand and achieved break-even already.

Below is the area-wise shares of the film.

North India : 71 Cr
AP/TS : 41.70 
Tamil Nadu : 40 Cr
Karnataka : 17 Cr 
Kerala : 7.10 

All India : 176.80 Cr

Overseas : 51.2 Cr 

Worldwide : 228 Cr

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