Nandamuri fans Vs Mega fans on social media!
Nandamuri fans Vs Mega fans on social media!

 It is known that Mega brother Naga Babu has stirred up a big controversy by saying that he does not know who Balakrishna is. His statements have shocked the Nandamuri fans who are raging in anger. 

To fuel up the controversy even more, Naga Babu has come up with another video today. In the video, he apologized and responded on Balakrishna again. In the video, he stated that he knew Balakrishna very well and he was a great actor. When everyone are thinking that he is talking about Nandamuri Balakrishna, Naga Babu made shocking comments that Balakrishna is a great comedian and a big entertainer. He pulled out a photo of veteran comedian Valluri Balakrishna who is no more with us. 

Naga Babu talked about him. With this video, Naga Babu is indirectly hinting that he is not going to put an end to this controversy anytime soon.

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