YSRCP takes its battle to Delhi

YSRCP takes its battle to Delhi

YSRCP takes its battle to Delhi. Knowing that they were sailing against all odds to confront the union government against its decision to bifurcate...

  • Vijayamma for Delhi today, to meet all leaders
  • Move to expose undemocratic attitude of Centre
  • It will also counter campaign by TDP chief
  • To file PIL against bifurcation in Supreme Court

Knowing that they were sailing against all odds to confront the union government against its decision to bifurcate the State, the YSR Congress Party has decided to take the battle to the national capital and launch a campaign against the division of the State.

This strategy, the party feels, will serve two purposes – one to expose the undemocratic’ process that the Centre had adopted to divide the State; and second to counter the TDP propaganda which Naidu would be launching in New Delhi on Monday.

A party delegation led by YSR Party Honorary President YS Vijayamma will leave for New Delhi on Monday morning and will meet “all available national leaders in New Delhi.” They will explain to them how the Congress led UPA Government had bypassed the ‘constitutional process in the bifurcation of the state.

In an exclusive interview with The Hans India at the deeksha site, YSR Congress President YS Jaganmohan Reddy, who has been on indefinite strike since Saturday, said that his party chose to fight the issue even in Supreme court. He said the advocates are preparing the case and they would soon file a PIL. Excerpts:

Basically, why are you opposing division?

The Centre’s hasty decision to bifurcate the State has angered 60 percent of people living in the state. I still fail to understand why the Union government took the decision without considering the grievances and issues raised by Seemandhra people. Such a thing never happened in the past. Congress says consensus on such an issue can never be arrived at, and even if T resolution is defeated in Assembly, Constitution empowers Centre to divide a State?

If the majority of the people do not want division, then why divide a State at all. The answer for this lies in your question. I don’t see any rationale in the decision to bifurcate the State.

But as Congress and UPA government are bent upon completing bifurcation, what do you propose to do?

The Union government has overlooked the Constitution. The process for bifurcation should start only after adoption of the resolution in the Assembly. Without the State Assembly seeking bifurcation, how can the Centre begin the official process? Did it ever happen in the country? Ignoring the resolution in the Assembly attracts violation of the Constitution. Resolution is a must for the bifurcation of any State in the country.

Will the democracy exist in the country if Constitution is not followed. I have been demanding that the Centre and the State governments seek the opinion of Assembly on the issue, but that did not happen.

CM said no match is over till the last ball is bowled. It seems the game is over now. What is YSRCP’s action plan to stop bifurcation?

The party (YSRCP) has been spearheading the movement against the division of State keeping in view the interests of Seemandhra people who have been leaderless for the past two months. YSRCP will continue to stand by them and fight until the Centre responds to the concerns of the Seemandhra people. To stall the process, the YSR Party will do all it can which includes hiring best lawyers in the Supreme Court and challenge the Centre’s decision.

The other important effort is to unite all political forces at national level and expose the Centre’s vote-bank politics. I am seeking support of all parties at national level.

Will TDP listen to YSRCP to withdraw its letter submitted to Centre in support of Telangana?

The reason behind demanding TDP to come forward in support of united State and withdraw the letter they had given in 2008 was because such an act would have added strength to the fight for united Andhra. I am not talking politics here. I only wanted them to join us in the fight to keep the State united and respect the majority opinion. At present, CPI (M), AIMIM and my party are supporting Samaikyandhra. If the number of parties increases, it will help force the Centre to revoke its decision. If the Centre can revoke an ordinance, why not this decision.

It is alleged YSRCP has shown a way to Congress to bifurcate State by making use of Article 3 of Constitution, and your U-turn now seems to have affected its fortunes in Telangana. What do you have to say?

Please scan the number of letters we have written to the Centre on the issue. We said “Samanyayam Amodayogyamaina parishkaram,” (Equal justice and consensus). The Centre has neither done equal justice nor is there any consensus. What do I want? I want that the people of Coastal Andhra, Rayalaseema and Telangana should be happy and prosper together. I am prepared to convince the people of the T region on the benefits of being united, and will undertake confidence-building in that region that I will strive for their uplift.

Are you going to ally with Congress or BJP after 2014 elections. There are allegations that you had entered into an understanding with the Congress and that is why bail was granted to you

If you see the series of developments, it will be crystal clear as to who has connived with whom. Getting bail is my constitutional right and was done as per the direction of the Supreme Court. On the other hand, it is Chandrababu Naidu who had connived with Congress and protected the state government here when no-confidence motion was moved and he is supporting the Centre now by supporting bifurcation of the state.

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