Why Dubai is Ideal for Young Professionals

Why Dubai is Ideal for Young Professionals

Dubai’s economic stability and security of business, plus its position as gateway to the MENA region have been the reasons why the city features prominently on the agenda of the global expat community.

One of the most advanced and fastest growing city in the MENA region, Dubai has taken the challenge to established economic powerhouses like New York and London in recent years. Backed by a government that is desirous of – and willing to take measures for – technological advancements, Dubai’s economy is stable outpost in a region dealing with liquidity crunch and marred by political instabilities.

Dubai’s economic stability and security of business, plus its position as gateway to the MENA region have been the reasons why the city features prominently on the agenda of the global expat community. Here we discuss some reasons we believe make Dubai a top choice for young professionals looking to propel their careers upwards.

Decent Accommodation Costs
Dubai boasts of a large inventory of residential units that include spacious apartments, beautifully constructed housesand magnificent villas. So accommodating guests is not a problem here and neither are the accommodation costs. According to UAE realty portal Bayut.com, average 1-bed apartment rent in the city in year 2016 was AED 96,000 ($26,100) per annum. Approximately, $2175 a month.

Compared with data from Global Property Guide,cities like New York, London, Singapore and Hong Kong cost much more to live in. A lower deduction for rental cost for residences that are of same or better quality than in other international cites is a great plus for young professionals looking to get some savings together. This means expats in Dubai can not only enjoy peaceful residential spaces, but can also put an extra something into the kitty for arbitrary indulgences.

Tax Free Earnings
Life in Dubai is mostly tax-free,which is a huge plus point for expats in every sense.The government does not collect annual tax from residents, instead revenue is collected through other means. Revenue is generated through car registration on an annual basis, from parking charges and from restaurants and bars in hotels.Moreover, salaries are also good in the emirate for a younger and qualified workforce and salariesare directly transferred to employee bank accounts without the government taking a cut from it.Young entrepreneurs looking to invest money in the emirate can benefit a lot from the fact that investment opportunities in Dubai are also tax-free which makes savings easier.

InteractionWith a Global Workforce
To succeed in the global economy in modern times, businesses have no other choice but to seek the services of a diverse workforce.One benefit of promoting global diversity at the workplace is that people from different cultures bring a unique skillset to the professional environment. Dubai is also considered a melting pot of various cultures and a diverse global workforce has become synonymous with the city. In such an environment, young professionals can learn valuable lessons from an extensive global wisdom pool. The exposure also allowsthem the space to broaden their perspective about how the art of business and corporate life operate in various parts of the world.

The Land of Tourism and Shopping
Dubai is world-renowned for being a tourism and shopping paradise.Huge shopping malls and unique recreationalareas make the emirate the perfect tourist magnet. Some of the most amazing and modern tourist attractions in the port city are The Dubai Mall, The Dubai Fountain, Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, apart from other magnificent modern day creations.The city is also very supportive of international retail brands from around the world and there’s nothing that one cannot find in the expansive malls of the port city.Dune bashing, water sports, motor racing and horse racing are staples of the life in the UAE, and once can relax after a day’s loitering with some tasty kehwa and

BBQ under starry desert nights.
Another advantage of living in the emirate is its close proximity to oe of the most diverse region in the world with truly unique cultures. Russia, China, Pakistan, India Sri Lanka and the Far East are all close by. So young professionals planning a vacation will never be short of ideas and the trips will not break the bank.

Entertainment Hub and the Centre of Social Activities

The stage is always set in Dubai as the city is routinely abuzz with world-class events and festivals throughout the year. The emirate has wonderful art galleries, theatres and cinemas as well as a happening nightlife.Apart from these, there are so many other activities that individuals and families can enjoy in the emirate like swimming with dolphins, visiting various theme parksand heading out for a desert safari.

Dubai offers residents the best living options, a wide array of recreational activities, security of life and capital, tax-free environment, and the best options of retail therapy. With so much to offer, no other global destination can be more ideal than Dubai for young professionals who are looking to make a mark in the real world.

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