Revolutionising fitness and fashion
Revolutionising fitness and fashion

Women, in India, have been on a crusade. Be it at the workplace, at a social gathering, or at home, these empowered women are smashing down gender-based conventions in all walks of life. The one area, however, where they still face a challenge in asserting their identities is at the gym. With the active-wear segment dominated by aggressive masculine stereotypes, they are often restricted to fitness wear that is not very well-suited for their body type and needs.

This need-gap is what Bollywood diva Jacqueline Fernandez is addressing with her active-wear brand, Just F. Co-owned and co-created by Mojostar and Jacqueline, Just F opens up a new range of fashionable and feminine active-wear for the Indian women of today. 

A few pointers about fitness wear for modern Indian woman:

  • Female-only fitness and fashion brand: As fitness is considered a male-centric domain, active-wear is often designed to cater to masculine needs, neglecting women’s need for a brand that reflects their personality and suits their body. 
  • Moreover, women have traditionally been alienated from accessing fitness modalities that promote strength and stamina for their bodies. Women should wear stylish athleisure outfits that make them feel energetic, fit, fashionable, and sporty. 
  • Can be worn anytime, anywhere, with anything: Wear a collection that helps you to switch into and out of different looks throughout the day. Wear apparels that can even be worn to a brunch with the girlfriends or to a club on a Saturday night. 
  • A perfect fit for the Indian woman’s body type: Many brands construct a size chart that isn’t adequate for an Indian woman’s body type. This leads to a long list of hassles, both with respect to the fashion quotient and the functionality. 
  • Check the size charts which are customised for the Indian woman. 
  • A fusion of high-end fashion with function: Go for products which maximize performance without compromising on fashion and style. The product should cleverly combines the basics with modern urban styling, and plays with strong contrasts and bold panels which must reflect attitude, quirk, and flair. 

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