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By Askari Jaffer | THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 06,2018 , 02:25 AM IST

Deepika Mhatre
Deepika Mhatre is a stand-up comedian. A look back into the past and you will see a domestic help whose day started at 4 am until she quit five months ago to concentrate on her talent. She is from Nalasupara, Mumbai, is a mother of three daughters and the only breadwinner of the house.

The 43-year-old Mumbai resident shares, “I used to sell imitation jewellery in local trains every morning from one end of the city to the other. Later, I used to work as a cook in five homes.” Deepika grew up in a Mumbai chawl and at the age of 21 she was married to the man she loved. After few years, her husband developed Asthma and she stepped out to earn for her family. 

Becoming a comedian was never a thought. She says, “In 2017, it was on a women’s day, my madam Sangeeta Vyas, where I used to work as a maid - organised a talent show "bai (Maid) log" for domestic helpers, I participated and cracked jokes about my madams. There was a journalist, who was watching me at the show. She was impressed, and she took me to Aditi Mittal (India’s leading standup comic). It was Aditi madam, who featured me in her ‘Bad Girl’ videos on YouTube that made me popular.” 

She says now her scripts are written by Mumbai-based standup comic Rohit Shah. “Rohit taught me how to conduct myself on stage and basic stage etiquette, like how I need to pause when the viewers laugh.” Deepika has come a long way as a stand-up comedian, and she has been shortlisted as a contestant for India's Got Talent and appeared on a game show on Star Plus. “Now, I have also started getting offers from Colors and Star Plus. 

If I get more offers, I will obviously take them. Being famous is a very good feeling,” she says. Yet, her tedious routine of earning money for her family of five goes on. “I have three daughters and my husband to support. I am the only bread earner at my family. My elder daughter has just started working. But the financial condition of my family is quite tight. So, I continue to request for financial help.”

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