Witness to the reality
Witness to the reality

Rare and innovative clicks of women photographers from all around the world were exhibited at Alliance Française, Hyderabad. Promoting the spirit of women photographers, the International Women Photographers Association made an attempt to exhibit these photographs in major cities and capitals across Middle East, Europe and Asia. The main agenda to promote this exhibition is to encourage fresh talent and create awareness of photography in parts of the world. 

The photo gallery curated the exhibition in such a way that four clicks of each photographer were displayed with description about them. All the four clicks had a story to narrate which was illustrated on a white board that was set up beside the photos. Photographs of 11 women photographers were exhibited at the photo gallery. Each groped clicks had a story to narrate. 

The participants who exhibited their photographs selected the themes between either a free theme or IWPA theme 2018 ‘Visible/Invisible’. LoulouDaki, Estelle Lagarde, Alice Mann, Manyatsa Monyamane, TahminehMonzavi, Anna Lisa, Natali Murri, Constanza Portnoy, LaeticiaVancon, MaryliseVigneau, Elahe Abdolahaba and Shu-Chen-Chen are part of the exhibition.

Alice Mann, the photographer from London exhibited one of her best photos named ‘Drummies’ that focus on majorettes at Dr Van Der Ross Primary School located in one of the poorest areas of Cape town. Contanza Portnoy from Argentina titled her clicks as ‘Life Force’ that speak of disability and how it becomes invisible amongst every individual in a society.

Another photographer from France, Esteele Lagarde titled her photos ‘Jail House’ that frame the life inside a prison gate. The set of pictures were creatively shot and were intense in their depiction. 

Manyatsa Monyamane a photographer from Johannesberg, South Africa showcased the undying spirit and truly unsung heroines and heroes of South Africa, who carried the pride of the country during the dark days and continue to do so. These photographs showcased the great talent of women photographers that deserves all the applause.  - DSV

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