From Anasuya to Rangammatta
From Anasuya to Rangammatta

Starting her career as a television anchor and moving on to be an extremely popular host in television shows and continuing to work for films, Anasuya Bharadwaj, who is famously know for her character Rangammatta in the movie ‘Rangasthalam’ is striving hard to make her career escalate. 

The actress has a lot to say when it comes to dealing with her fans in her personal life. She shares, “I always find the term fans as my extended family. They scold me, understand me and throw me down, which is all a part of family. I have taken every bit of it to my heart. When you’re talking about TV or cinema there might be differences. In cinema I play characters. I am picking up characters that I am sure I can pull them off. For instance, Ragammatta has given me a lot of confidence and I hope the character remains in the hearts of my fans forever.”

In the movie Rangasthalam Anasuya playing the playing the role of Rangammatta narrates a dialogue. ‘If the villagers know that your uncle is dead, men will find opportunities to molest me’, which suits rightly for the movement #MeToo. Since the list of the people speaking out and saying #MeToo is rapidly increasing, day by day, the actress stresses, “I somehow feel it is losing its essence of the problem. 

A lot of girls and women are misusing this. There are a lot of people, who faced genuine problems and people who just want attention are getting into this. We really need to pay attention to people who went through this and I am very happy that they are actually coming out if it is genuine.”

Talking about her upcoming movies Anasuya shares, “I have signed about five movies. I have been listening to a lot of stories. One has already been worked out. Towards this month end I am going to join one of my favourite actors and I am going to wait till my team announces it.”

Speaking about her association with Tata Sky Telugu Cinema that she has recently launched, she shares, “I have found the offers given by Tata Sky really good. It is the best pass time during weekends as you get to watch a lot of movies which also can be repeated even if you miss it on a weekend.”

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