Saima, Paresh, Jhilam and Pavan
Saima, Paresh, Jhilam and Pavan

Students, critics, academicians, poetry lovers of Hyderabad gathered at the British Council Library for an evening of interactive poetry reading, titled, “Tradition and Individual Talent”. Poets from Hyderabad echoed the beauty of British poetry through their works and observations made by the audience. 

The event was initiated by city poet, Jhilam Chattaraj. She read from her latest book, ‘When Lovers Leave and Poetry Stays’, Authorspress, 2018 and spoke about the influence of poets like WB Yeats, Dylan Thomas and GM Hopkins in her poetry. 

The other participating poets were, Saima Afreen, who shared her admiration for PB Shelly’s poetry and read her poems tracing the influence of many prominent English Writers. Paresh Tiwari read haikus from his book, ‘Raindrops Chasing Raindrops’ Red River Press, 2017. He paid tribute to poet Ezra Pound and referred to prominent British Haiku poets. 

Pavan Kumar student, Little Flower Degree College, read out poems by William Blake and performed a few poems inspired by the poets of the Beat Generation. The reading was followed by a discussion on poetry, its process and the politics of production and consumption of art. The event marked the role of art and literature as a medium to experience the gentle beauty and tenderness of life.

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