Travel wear for wandering souls

THE HANS INDIA |   Dec 13,2018 , 02:25 AM IST

The season is officially upon us - you have finalised the destination, booked your tickets andstay, now comes the next daunting task - planning the outfits! Before we talk vacation outfits, we need to decide what can be worn to get there which often slips our mind. Whether you are flying or embarking on a train journey or taking the road, the utmost factor is comfort (a bit of utilitarian detailing wouldn’t hurt anyone though). 

A Long sleeve tee, an oversized scarf, skinny jeans and boots are good for the air-bound! If you are directly going from plane to party, a silk blouse, trousers and block heels should do (One can always slip into a skirt for a more stylish party look). Coordinated Joggers or Sweats are super comfortable yet trendy for airports as well as trains. Apart from these a tee with well fitted pants, a cardigan and comfortable yet stylish footwear should be good for the train. 

A road journey on the other hand calls for utmost comfort like yoga jumpsuits and Birkenstocks! If you don’t like to be too casual, crew neck tee / sweater with culottes can be a chicer option. The tee can always be tucked in, before you head to meet friends as soon as you reach the destination. While a few can pull of heeled boots, flat boots and slip ones are more practical. 

Apart from these jumpsuits are very good for travel - Go Silky & Streamlined to look prim if you are traveling to an exotic location, linen or cotton for beach vacay or cruise and colder destinations only require you to a layer a polo-neck underneath a jumpsuit of your preference.  An oversized blazer is another great and very versatile option which makes you look polished at once and keeps you warm too, best worn with jeans and loafers. 

Utilitarian accessories are a must - A pair of sunglasses to hide those puffy eyes, the scarf that keeps you warm during those sudden air-conditioner surges, earmuffs for the open windows and eye patch when it gets too bright! Remember, the ultimate travel outfit involves lots of layering and sensible choice of footwear and accessories. 

 - Bhavya Chawla 

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