Style it with a scarf
Style it with a scarf

Paring scarfs with your regular outfit would definitely give you a style statement says Deepthi Ganesh designer from Hyderabad.

Scarf on plane tunic: Women who wear plan handloom tunics can accessorise it with a printed scarf. You can find a very good variety in the market which has tassels on the corners. 

Scarf with tassels: You can wear these in a cross pattern where the two edges come in the front.  

Scarf on a simple kurti: If you want your simple kurti to look interesting you can opt for the plane scarf. Scarf on a skirt and top:  If you’re wearing shot tops and printed skirt you can opt for a scarf with beads, you can replace a neck piece with a scarf. 

Scarf on t-shirts: Teenage girls who wear a t-shirt with denim can put on a short scarf. These can be paired with plan t-shirts.

Kashmina scarf: This scarf can be paired with a simple tunic and a kurti.

Square scarves:
Square scarves are less common these days and come in a variety of sizes from 16 to 60 inches. Smaller square scarves are called a neckerchief. These always remind of flight attendants, with their jaunty colors tied around their neck, seemingly worn for no particular reason. 

Infinity or loop scarves:
Infinity or loop scarves are relatively new on the scene and have gained popularity over the last few years for their ease of use. They are “throw and go” scarves. You throw them on, loop them once, and go. 

These come in some really nice lightweight summer florals madras check, or stripes for summer, and heavier cotton, silk, and wool blends for winter in a variety of plaids, prints, and solids. 

- Inputs from D Shreya Veronica

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