Tips and styles to maintain your hair
Tips and styles to maintain your hair

With so much emphasis on trendsnow a  days, it is natural to get adapted to things that are trending. Having said that which hair style you wear gets you the perfect look and pairs well with your outfit?. Deepika Rani from DP Hair Expert and Family Saloon suggests hair styles and tips for women and girls who can flaunt it gorgeously. 

How to knot your hair: You can make a buff in the front portion and then make a bun with the potion of hair that is behind. 

When you go to work: You can wear any kind of hair style, it would be better if you would leave it loose. You can colour and highlight your hair. 

Teenage girls: Maximum number of girls straighten their hair and it is trending these days. Highlights are most preferred by them and so, I would suggest them to take good care of their hair. Use good shampoo and conditioner.

– As told to D Shreya Veronica

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