A woman of grit and courage!!

By D Shreya Veronica | THE HANS INDIA |   Jan 21,2019 , 02:28 AM IST

A woman of grit and courage!!
Bike riding among men is taken for granted. Now, more and more women too are taking to riding.  Taking the spirit of empowerment, a step ahead, 26-year-old Rihana Khan mastered the stunts that she now performs at the ‘Well of Death’, a popular feature at the All India Industrial Exhibition (Numaish) in Hyderabad.

Studying till 12 standard and having a passion towards bike riding, the stunt maniac breaks all the barriers to reach here. It is after 15 years that Hyderabadis visiting Numaish get to see a woman perform the stunts. 

She shares, “I have been riding bike and performing stunts for six years now. It has been a great experience and I feel happy about it. This is the first time that I am riding my bike in Hyderabad at the Well of Death.” 

She does around eight to 10 performances a day depending upon how the crowd responds. Rihana is based in Uttar Pradesh, and has visited Chattisgarh, Ranchi, Jharkand, Bihar, Assam, Orissa, and Kolkata showcasing her talent at different levels of bike riding.

The daredevil shares about being fearless while performing the stunts, “I keep doing this every day, and it has become a habit for me. I have overcome my fear and nothing has ever stopped me to do such stunts.

Performing here is not a big deal for me now.” About why she chose bike riding stunts as profession, she says, “This has been my passion. When I first saw bike stunts, the only thought running in my mind was that a girl should be doing something unique like this.”

“It took me a month to learn and perform these stunts perfectly. Today you can see me doing it live in front of the crowd.” (she laughs). “The applause and compliments she gets from the audience make her even stronger and she feels proud when they wonder and ask her - ‘How do you perform such dangerous acts?’ she adds. 

She shares, “This is a risky thing for a woman to do. Still, I want to continue doing this as my profession.” “If a woman wishes to achieve something in life, she can definitely do it by having a zeal. Never underestimate yourself because a woman is no less than a man,” she signs off. 

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