Job or passion? Enjoy both

Job or passion? Enjoy both

There was a time when work and passion were two different things. However, with advances in the digital and electronic world and change in business...


There was a time when work and passion were two different things. However, with advances in the digital and electronic world and change in business practices, that demarcation line is getting blurred and new careers are emerging.

If you are hooked to the social media, you can become an expert on it; if your friends seek your advice on their shopping trips, you can be an image consultant - and so on. The story of today's exciting, emerging careers is - to use a cliched tag line of a sportswear brand - impossible is nothing.

"You can make a career out of what you passionately enjoy doing," says Abha Matthew, a school career counsellor. "A career is more than just a job. You dedicate your entire day, maybe a part of the night too, to it and if it's something you don't enjoy doing, the monotony starts showing in your work. This is why you hear of so many people making a career shift in their 30s and 40s."

Social media is one of the most exciting, new avenues that has opened up, career wise. Its power, as a tool to influence people's opinion, is felt like never before. Therefore, a growing number of companies are hiring social media experts whose job is to build their online reputation and offer a platform for instant feedback from consumers.

While these young employees are happy being always available on Facebook, posting updates on the company's news, and tweeting and re-tweeting information, their job also entails reviewing traffic volume, bounce rates and other relevant metrics, developing social media components for new campaigns, helping with blogger outreach and creating long-term solutions for client.

"Businesses depend on reputation, and online reputation is very important today, which social media managers help in achieving by constant monitoring," says Shrenik Gandhi, business head of White Rivers Digital which is into social media management and designing websites. Sensing the demand in the market, a number of B-schools are now designing courses in social media management.

For instance, NIIT Imperia has an advanced course in social media marketing. For those who are hooked to mobile phone applications and love downloading them, have you ever thought of developing such apps and pursuing a career as a mobile application programmer?

"With 110 million mobile phone users in the country, a mobile application programmer is an upcoming and promising career that has a huge scope to be creative," Albuquerque told IANS.

Apart from developing the apps, the job profile may require combating security and compatibility issues. Knowledge of interface design, network communications, web services, SQLite databases, GSP framework and location based services is recommended for such professionals.

Another career option that is expected to be the next big thing is to be a social entrepreneur. "Social entrepreneurs are those people who have the ability to recognise a pressing social problem, and then using innovative ideas manage a venture to address that problem. Unlike business entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs don't measure performance by profit and loss, and are mostly associated with voluntary organisations," Matthew said.

So, if working for a cause that you truly believe in is your calling, then this is the career for you. Experts, however, suggest a field experience before the final decision, just so that you can test your level of passion. And if you are one of those who believes in the adage, 'First impression is the last impression', maybe you can choose a career in image consultancy. " - IANS

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