Career in Genetic Engineering

Career in Genetic  Engineering

I want to pursue career in Genetics after completing my intermediate in BiPC. What's the scope for this stream and please suggest me a few colleges to ...

generic1I want to pursue career in Genetics after completing my intermediate in BiPC. What's the scope for this stream and please suggest me a few colleges to pursue the course. Genetics, also known as the 'science of heredity' basically deals with the units of heredity, genes. This course has gained a lot of popularity and is highly rewarding. It helps you know about the human history, nature and evolution and with a strong base in biology, chemistry and physics; you can either pursue a UG and PG course in genetics or an engineering course in genetics. You need to have a deep probing mind, ability to work for long hours, an ability to pay attention to minute details and of course a deep passion for this subject. Institutions offering an UG and PG course in genetics are, Osmania university, Hyderabad ( offers a UG course; University of Hyderabad ( offers a UG, PG and PhD genetics course; Bhavans Vivekanada Degree College, Secunderabad, UG in genetics; Loyola Academy, Alwal, Secunderabad, UG in Genetics microbiology and chemistry; Andhra University, Vishapatnam: MSC in Applied genetics and MS in Human genetics; The oxford College of Science, Bangalore: UG and PG in genetics; MS Ramaiah Junior and Degree College, Bangalore: UG and PG in genetics studies; Indian Academy Degree College, Bangalore: UG and PG in genetics studies; Bangalore University, PG and UG course in genetics; Bangalore City College, PG and UG course in genetics; Annai College of Arts and Science, Tamil Nadu; Institute of Genetic Engineering, Kolkata, offers an honors degree in Genetics.
Genetic engineering is not offered as a special discipline by most of the institutions, but as a subsidiary in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry streams. Genetic engineers are mainly absorbed in medical and pharmaceutical industries, the agricultural sector, the research and development departments of the government and private sectors and the teaching field. Some of the institutions offering Genetic engineering courses at post graduate and doctorate levels are at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) at Delhi; Birla Institute of Technology at Rajasthan; University of lucknow; Jadavpur University at West bengal and Kolkata; IIT (Kharagpur and Delhi); University of Kolkata; MKU-Coimbatore and Birla Institute of Technology (Pilani, Rajasthan). To pursue genetic engineering you can also opt for BTech in genetic engineering course. You have ample job opportunities, both in India as well as abroad and the pay package is also good, depending upon the level of your study in this field. Beginning salaries of a geneticist vary from 15,000 to 20,000 and goes up as the hierarchical ladder goes up. Genetic testing has become a common practice and a part of many routine medical evaluations, more laboratory geneticist are needed to interpret and explain the results to individuals and families. You can be absorbed in defence, medical sector, pharmaceutical sector, agricultural sector, consultancies, animal breeding industries, DNA forensics departments, industries dealing with changing the size and colour of plants and Government hospitals. Employment in research and development institutions is abundant. A professional in this field can also become a medical geneticist/researcher, clinical geneticist/researcher, genetic counselor, genetic laboratory research assistant and genetics laboratory technician, regulatory process manager, drug discovery engineer, Biotech sales engineer and assistant/associate professor. Gene therapy is the new mantra in the modern world, creating lot of curiosity and consequently financial players are ready to invest money in productive research. You have a wide variety of careers, job opportunities and career growth in this upcoming field, both in India and globally, so go ahead and plunge all opportunities to grab them by following your passion for this field. All the best!
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