Desires Vs Destiny

Desires Vs Destiny

Choosing a career is not an easy job these days; neither is laying the foundation to choosing a strong career. The moment you are out of high school,...

fan2Choosing a career is not an easy job these days; neither is laying the foundation to choosing a strong career. The moment you are out of high school, you have teachers from various Intermediate colleges coming to your door step, offering you variety of courses or haunting you to take a particular course;, Chachas and Chachis, Mamas and Mamis telling you what you should do and which course suit you best; some of them will even boast about what their own children have opted for and where they stand now; parents are busy making plans for you. You may have just completed your high school, but they have already made plans for your graduation and even your post-graduation. The question is, in all of this, where do you stand? What are your dreams? What is your destination and how are you ever going to reach there and above all what are you going to do?

This part of answering questions is not easy, because in the process of answering questions and making a decision, you will always have to disappoint one or more of the people in your family. Sometimes your interests may change from time to time. The reason for change may be peer pressure, affinity towards a particular course, the rapid development of skills required for a particular job and many more endless reasons. The stress is often on becoming doctors, engineers, bankers, accountants, hotel managers, etc but sometimes you end up doing something completely different and out of the box. Radio jockeys, journalists, news presenters, analysts, editors, sound engineers, film makers, musicians and other creative professionals are mostly one of those whose parents aspired to make them doctors or engineers.

Parents are not happy when their children rebel or choose paths that are parallel to what their parents have chosen for them. They sometimes tend to cut away ties with them or they don't encourage them with what their interested with. They keep taunting them or make them believe that their choice or decision is not right. When successful people are asked about their success stories, there will be a few who will surely tell you about how their life began with a little rebellion. People begin with doing a course in the field of Medicine and end up becoming journalists and editors.

How life shapes up depends on the choices and decisions you make in life, when you have a strong gut feeling about something, give it a try, don't kill that feeling, don't let it die there. Take an inch, a mile or whatever it takes to get you to your dreams. When you specialise in something and you feel this is where you have to be, go ahead and make every effort to be that someone you feel happy about being.

It just takes a person an idea, an action and the effort put in the action to become and be what he wants to and where he wants to. Keep aspiring and dreaming, because who knows when dreams turn into reality!

-Maryann Savina Xavier, Student of Mass Communications, St Francis College for Women, Hyderabad

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