Education in Computer Science

Education in Computer Science

I am interested in computers, its applications, technology and software, please guide as to what should I opt for in my graduation to pursue my interes...

I am interested in computers, its applications, technology and software, please guide as to what should I opt for in my graduation to pursue my interest and also what are the career prospects for the same? - Ritika Agarwal, Ramkote

ask2Information technology has opened the flood gates of career opportunities and Indian IT professionals have created a stronghold on the global career map. Unlike the traditional industries, the IT sector is people intensive and creates vast employment opportunities. The IT sector is the largest exporter, and accounts for nearly 35 per cent of exports from India. A BSc (Hons) in Computer Science or a BCA degree from a reputed college equips you to excel in the software industry.

BSc computer science is more academic and mainly focusses on mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing whereas BCA is a professional course designed for the needs of IT industry. Do check the syllabus before you choose any one of them and also do MCA after your BCA/BSc to start a career in computer programming.

As MCA is much tougher, choose a course which gives you better conceptual clarity and gets your fundamentals strong. You are eligible to directly apply for an MTech, after you complete your BCA. You need to clear Class XII exam with Mathematics as one of the main subjects. An entrance exam is required for an admission in BCA which usually tests your mathematical aptitude, reasoning and English skills.

Career prospect: At entry level, you can work as a systems trainee/software trainee. You can also work as a systems manager in a big corporate like Citibank, HLL, IOC, etc. There are also opportunities for developing softwares for companies like Infosys, Microsoft, etc. Take up a career in computer education in companies like NIIT, Aptech, Cisco. Or just go abroad and earn in dollars in any of the fields mentioned above. It is said that more than 70 per cent of Indians going abroad are related to the IT industry only!

CFA, best choice after BCom (Honors)

I will finish my Bcom (Honors) next year. What is a better option, MBA, finance or CFA? - Ruth Joseph, Old Bowenpally.

ask3Of course, it should be CFA, because MBA finance is not comprehensive enough to give you an insight of the finance related concepts, as it teaches only the basics of finance related concepts using case studies, while on the other hand, CFA takes you to the core of financial domain and concepts and gives you an in-depth coverage of the financial world. It will equip you with practical and fundamental knowledge you need for a wide variety of career choices, providing a passport for working within numerous investment specialties and markets across the globe. You can also change specialties as your careers evolve.

Chartered Financial Analyst is the highest paid financial professional when compared with other professionals. There is a huge demand of CFAs due to the advent of globalisation and an easy flow of money. The designation of CFA helps you find placements in several banks, financial institutions and the corporate sector. In these fields, the CFA's occupy the key position, with lucrative salary and perks, like appraisal executives, fund managers, investment managers, financial analysts, manager hire purchase, manager portfolio management, financial consultants, investment advisors, etc.

It can be pursued only after a work experience of four years and as it is self-study nature of program it enables many candidates to continue to work full time while enrolled in the program. Nevertheless, completing the program is an experience that requires significant personal sacrifice and you will have to be fully prepared for a sustained, long term commitment.

Any graduate in any discipline from a recognised university is eligible to seek admission in the programme. Previously the degree was awarded by Icfai, but in July 2012, it entered an out of court settlement with CFA, USA (, that it would stop awarding CFA degree to new students but students currently enrolled in the program will be eligible to receive a from Icfai. Refer link, to get an over view of the course details of the CFA program in India and how to become a charterholder.

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