My love for significant soil scripted success

My love for significant soil scripted success

Dr Ravindranath Kancharla carves a niche in the medical discipline of multi-organ transplantation in India especially in Andhra Pradesh. Being CMD of...

Dr Ravindranath Kancharla carves a niche in the medical discipline of multi-organ transplantation in India especially in Andhra Pradesh. Being CMD of Global Hospitals group, he took his group of hospitals to international standards. Born and brought up in an agricultural family, he recollects his heydays of student life mystudyBy the time when my father taught me of the obligation with our motherland, I did not know Eliot's coinage of 'significant soil,' but, I imbibed the spirit. My father, my first inspiration, a passionate lover of education, besides a staunch patriot taught me the hymn- 'Janani Janmabhoomischa Swargadapi Gariyasi (Mother and motherland are superior to heaven). So, I kissed the soil, as if I kissed my mother. Thus, I considered it my duty to be with my compatriots while serving them. Chiramana is my village, near Anuma Samudram Peta, Nellore district. And our's was middle class agricultural family. My mother's name is Sarojanamma. My father Kancharla Seshaiah Naidu was a spirited freedom fighter and most respectable person in our town . He served as village head for many years. I was so proud of my father, who is my real mentor. Being my first teacher, he imparted great values and the same value-based life is bestowed upon all our four siblings. During my school days many teachers influenced me a lot. Among them Venkatramaiah and Sada Sivaiah and Sundaramareddy were a few. Besides the curriculum, we were taught many great things that virtually made us real human beings today. They instilled in us a tremendous zeal to do something good for the society�.for the poor people of our land. That's why the strong and emotional bond is still intact with our village. We, all the four brothers, had taken up many developmental activities in our village such as constructing a school building, hospital and many other activities. I enjoyed my school days complacently. I used to walk everyday for 5 kilometers to attend my high school in AS Peta. I was above average student. I was so active and enthusiastic in extracurricular activities and student politics also. Up to 10th I studied in Telugu medium. After completion of my SSLC, my medium of instruction was changed into English. At the beginning like all Telugu medium students I too suffered from many problems, but in a short time I could recoup with it. Since my childhood I had a great ambition to do something unique and bring laurels to our family while achieving a respectable position in my career. That passion led me to take up graduation in medicine. I am alumni of Venkatagiri Raja College (VR College) in Nellore. I finished my MBBS from Tirupathy in 1981 and MS from Chennai in 1984 and then went to London for higher studies. In medical field I was profusely influenced by Dr Maddena Gopalkrishna, General surgeon, Dr Vasudevan and Dr MK reddy who ignited in me a desire of achieving something in the medical field that finally led me to make a head way to set out a multi organ transplantation in India. And I was the first person who took up this herculean task in India against all odds and discouraging comments. My father frequently told me to do medical practice in India rather than in abroad. By his worlds only I left my lucrative opportunities in abroad and returned to India and proved what I am and paved the way for state �of- art developments and interventions in the field of organ transplantation in India. My village put me in its lap and taught me the basics of my education. So, I wish to develop my village as an ideal school of life sciences. My desire led to starting of many activities of reciprocation. (As told to Nagasundari)
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