Network to succeed as a fashion designer

Network to succeed  as a fashion designer

ask 2I want to pursue fashion designing, but I have heard that not all fashion designers are successful. I got to know that they end up working in job profi...

ask 2I want to pursue fashion designing, but I have heard that not all fashion designers are successful. I got to know that they end up working in job profiles not related to fashion designing. Why does this happen and please suggest me colleges where I can take up a fashion designing course? - Rishika Nag, Secunderabad

Success in fashion designing, or for that matter any other career, mainly depends on your passion, commitment and the ability to make it work. Success, and particularly in the cut throat world of fashion, is not a 'walk in the park'.

The basic funda would be to never have a question as to 'will this work?', simply believe that you have to make it work. Firstly get the right education, mainly from a premier fashion or design school. Always remain highly motivated and don't ever let your talent die.

Fashion designing is about being creative and innovative, and whether you are talking about style, aesthetic or creating business, do it your way and be optimistic about the possibilities.

Success in this industry also lies in networking, so develop a good social and professional network. Acquire good grooming skills, and learn to dress well, always having an appropriate attire. You have to dress for success as this will reflect your professional abilities.

ask3If you do not get your dream job soon after finishing your course, this being is a network oriented industry, you will first have to gain some experience, and build contacts. Plan out properly, set goals and work towards them and when an inevitable set back comes along don't ever get down, and continue moving with a positive attitude.

As the old saying goes, "As you go through life, make this your goal: Keep your eye on the doughnut and not on the hole."

The industry with multi crore annual turnover promises many employment openings as well as career prospects. The premiere institutes are National Institute of Design NID ( and National Institute of Fashion Technology (

The 15 campuses of NIFT offer two graduate programs in design, fashion design (210 seat) and accessory design. Refer ( and for other top Indian design institutes.

All the Best!

HR, heart of an organisation

I am a Mass Communications graduate but I am interested in HR. Will it be foolish for me to pursue post graduation in HR? - Rohit Reddy, Tirumalgiri It is never foolish to chase a career that interests you, because it is said that 'Start doing anything that interests you and you have already reached halfway' and more over interest in a subject will lead you to explore the subject more and become better at it.

HR is the heart of any organisation and the HR manager plays a key role in it. The objective of HR professionals is to develop a positive and healthy working environment to increase the productivity and job satisfaction among the employees.

ask4In HR profession you may have a career that offers good working conditions, excellent remuneration, good career growth opportunities and rewarding work. HR management and professionals are in great demand and highly required for both public and private sector. You can seek employment in financial companies and IT companies.

You can also join a management consultant or HR consultancy firm or a freelancer consultancy. There are a number of placement and recruitment agencies which offer good opportunities for HR professionals. There is also a good demand of HR professionals in social and non-governmental organisations (NGO's)

Software companies are in need of HR domain experts. HR has become the key component of an organisation's senior and top management team. Thus job opportunities for HR professionals are varied and exciting. No corporate policy can be complete without contribution from HR.

The strategic HR plays a very important role in strategic alliances at corporate levels and in mergers & acquisitions. You can further build up your careers in HR by doing a PG in social work or industrial psychology.

All the best!

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