Social work in India

Social work in India

ask2ask3Are there specialised courses for social work in India? Please give details - Vignanika Kamula BSW/BA (SW), MSW/ MA (SW), MPhil, PhD, are some of...

ask2ask3Are there specialised courses for social work in India? Please give details - Vignanika Kamula

BSW/BA (SW), MSW/ MA (SW), MPhil, PhD, are some of the courses offered in social work. MSW offers various specialisations that can be chosen by students as per their interest. Some of these areas include Medical & Psychiatric Social Work, Human Resource Management, rehabilitation, and Women Empowerment, among others.

The professional courses in social work educate students to build appropriate approach in dealing with sensitive social issues that affect our society Certificates or associate degrees in subjects such as social work, human services, gerontology, or one of the social or behavioural sciences meet most employers' requirements. Degrees in environment and forestry management are also offered by various institutes.

Apart from this, diplomas can be obtained in specific areas like those for hearing impaired, physically handicapped and old age. Some organisations train volunteers themselves and regardless of the academic or work background of employees, most employers provide some form of in service training such as seminars and workshops, to their employees. Refer to link for more information.

Start an English Speaking Institute

ask4I want to run an English speaking institute and have my own franchise. How should I go about it? - Priscila Fernandes

Your desire to run a spoken English institute in this interconnected and globalised world, wherein spoken English has indisputably grown to be the primary language, to communicate with clients, customers, subordinates, peers, and superiors, would definitely be a good business. But as you do not have prior experience in it, you can look out for spoken English franchise opportunities, which will help you, set up, start up and run the training institute. B M consultants in Mumbai offers such an opportunity, refer: . Russels institute of spoken English (P) ltd, established in 1986, also offers franchising opportunity.

The training they provide is regular and ongoing during the entire period of franchising (3years). But before you explore if franchising is right for you, consider the following questions: Do you know how much you can invest? What are your abilities? What are your goals? You can browse these links: A World of Franchising Opportunity and Franchising Update. To buy a franchise, you will have to pay an initial franchise fee usually a couple of lakhs and then undergo training with them, and they might help you in the marketing and operations, and you use their proven system and capitalize on their existing brand name. The biggest advantage of franchising would be the reduction of risk you will be taking for your investment.

The instant recognition from customers is also a big plus. But you need to select the right that fits your needs, skills and desires best. Visit some of the franchising Web sites and visit as many of the franchisor's existing franchisees as you can and talk to their owners personally. Review the franchisor's business plan, operations manuals, and market analysis. Create a plan and do not forget the legal aspects as well.

But if you are looking for something that is uniquely yours, you can still start one, remembering the basic fact that your teaching should be need based as each student's English requirement is different and it needs to be addressed in a customised manner. The students have flexibility in choosing their time slots according to their convenience. You can start with IELTS preparation, Basic, Foundation and Holiday classes for students, evening classes for employees, matinee classes for housewives and so on. From crash courses to certificate and diploma courses, there are various kinds of courses that can be targeted.

Spoken English is taught at two levels in most of the institutes - basic and advanced level. Voice and accent training, speech fluency, pronunciations are few of the areas covered. Most of the institutes also assist the students with job placements for call centres, BPOs, back and front office executives. Make it a registered business. All the best!

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