Teachers should walk the talk

Teachers should walk the talk

The Andhra Pradesh government has recently passed a rule banning casual outfits and answering of phone calls during the class. Teachers, parents and...

The Andhra Pradesh government has recently passed a rule banning casual outfits and answering of phone calls during the class. Teachers, parents and students agree that teachers should dress up conservatively and leave their phones outside the classroom

box2I support the government's proposal on dress code and answering phone calls. Teachers are role models to students. They need to walk the talk. However modern a person can be personally, as a teacher, he or she needs to stick to the ground rules at work place, especially when it concerns students. When corporate companies can have dress codes etc, teachers who interact with impressionable minds, certainly should have such a code. Teaching is a noble profession and hence they should maintain the decorum the job demands. I am glad that carrying cell phones to classes has been banned. - A. Suryakanth,Parent, Contractor

box3I agree with the rule passed by the government. Teacher's outfits often distract students and make them lose focus on the lessons. I have observed many high school girls commenting about the deep necks and stylish patterns of the teacher's blouse. Their attention is bound to be more on the teacher's dress if it is attractive. Clothes of professionals such as teachers, doctors and nurses should be as decent and as simple as possible at their work place. Trendy clothes may make them look frivolous and students may perceive their teachers differently which is not good. - Sangita Subramanium ,Parent. Home maker

box4Yes, banning mobile phones in schools is a good idea. Many times, we students get distracted when the phone rings and blares out film songs. Even students lose respect for their teachers. There are many instances where teachers take calls in between the class which eats away half of the time. Whenever a teacher gets a call in the class, it creates a big scene among the students. They even discuss what the conversation was about and have a good laugh at it. - Noah Zohar, Student. Pace school

box5I am happy with the government's new rule. Being a teacher, I agree with the rule, but many people tend to generalise such statements. Not every teacher dresses up in such a way that they attract the students. I am personally against teachers wearing attractive clothes. After watching 'Happy Days' movie, many students started expecting English teachers to be attractive and beautiful like Kamalinee Mukherjee who plays the role. These days, children are so grown up that even a pre-primary class boy compliments his teacher when the teacher sports a new outfit. Teachers should make sure they wear appropriate clothes to school regardless of which class she or he teaches. A teacher should be worshipped and command respect, not look like a fashion model. - S Bhuvaneswari, Teacher, Vignan High School

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