89 % youth want flexi time jobs : Survey

89 % youth want flexi time jobs : Survey

With the Young India comprising nearly 31.5 per cent of population in the country (NSS 2008-09), today's millennial generation is one of the biggest...

With the Young India comprising nearly 31.5 per cent of population in the country (NSS 2008-09), today's millennial generation is one of the biggest generations in numbers and by 2020, its members will represent one out of every three adults.

Millennials - the generation born after 1985 are YOLOs who ardently believe that You Only Live Once (YOLO). The study on millennials was taken up the Indian YOLOs conducted by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) and The Key - Consumer Diagnostics pvt ltd, aimed to understand what they think and how they are shaping and being shaped by a fast-paced and radically changing world.

The survey was conducted in Mumbai and Delhi over two months with 300 male and 200 female respondents. The survey reveals that, for millennials, a job is a means to an end of a new experience. The present generation counts the number of experiences as more important as compared to its previous generations for whom experience was counted in number of years of work put in.

The survey also highlights that the size of the company is not an important requirement for a potential employer for today's generation. About 76 per cent youth give more weightage to a job with learning opportunities and growth.

As per the report around 54 per cent of youth will consider a job with less work time and 89 per cent of youth look for flexible timing while opting for a job. Millennials seek "life-work" balance instead of "work-life" balance. The YOLO (You Only Live Once) generation, believes in living their life to the fullest, pursuing their dreams and passions and focusing more on having a well-balanced life.

Almost 51.2 per cent youth across Mumbai and Delhi expressed their keenness to work for charitable causes and betterment of society than their parents. They believe that volunteering in the community is highly important and a great way to effect change not just on the local level, but on the global level as well. With a strong awareness of social issues today's youth is passionate about bringing about changes and working towards the betterment of society. They would like to be in the system to make the change they wish to see.

About 38 per cent of today's generation would like to join politics to bring the change they believe in. Intolerant towards injustice, corruption and crime, the generation has taken it upon itself to become extraordinary and effective champions of change.

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