'Aim, gain knowledge, work, persevere'

Aim, gain knowledge, work, persevere

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's four-step mantra to the youth on staying motivated and serving the nation selflessly apj kalamPurnima Sriram 'In another seven years, if ...

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's four-step mantra to the youth on staying motivated and serving the nation selflessly

apj kalamPurnima Sriram

"In another seven years, if we work hard, we can make India an economically developed country. The youth should always believe in the slogan 'I can do it, we can do it, India can do it," said former President and Bharat Ratna Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on Thursday. He was speaking at the inauguration of 'Bharat Ratna International School' at Bandlaguda in Hyderabad.

Answering a special question posed by Young Hans reporter on how to motivate the youth to think about the society who are engrossed in their own world, the Missile Man who was the chief guest said, "If one is inspired, he has to inspire his neighbours and friends. Every youth can become unique, if he follows four steps � have a great aim, acquire knowledge, work hard and persevere. Capture the problem, defeat it and succeed. A village boy in Kerala once told me that he cannot talk to teachers or friends as he gets nervous talking to people. He asked me how to become confident and unique. I recited a poem for him.

"I am born with potential� I am born with goodness.. I am born with ideas and dreams.. I am born with greatness.. I am born with confidence� I am born with wings.. So, I am not meant for crawling because, I have wings I will fly.. I will fly... and I will fly�.!!!!

To fly we must have the four qualities mentioned above". Sharing personal experiences about youth with a vision, he said, "In 2005, I participated in a children's competition in Delhi. I met a 13-year-old girl Artya Krishna who visualised India in 3000 AD when India will send a large number of Indians to Mars. She visualised a threat to Mars and how a scientist sends 30 nuclear panel that destroys an asteroid approaching the planet. She won the first prize for her beautiful imagination. On Friday July 21, 2007, I visited NASA laboratory where I met a girl called Jeni who gave an amazing presentation on Mars robo.

This Class VIII girl who was always interested about Mars always wanted to study about Mars and go to the planet. As any other student in US, she was working as a waiter in a hotel while studying. A couple observed her amazing work and attitude, and asked her if loves to continue in this profession. She spoke about her goal to them. The couple introduced her to the executive of NASA laboratories. She got selected in the interview and landed a job in NASA.

The moral of the story is to dream, transform thought process into thoughts and into actions. SriKanth Bola, a 'Lead India change agent' from Andhra Pradesh, who is visually challenged, told me he wanted to become the first visually challenged President. He got a seat in MIT in US. He developed a software and trained 200 other visually challenged for their higher education. Now, he is an entrepreneur of eco friendly products, who has employed 50 employees. Ignited mind of the youth is the most powerful resource on the earth, above the earth and below the earth," he added.

"Each one of us should ask ourselves on what we should be remembered for. Write it on a page and that page will be remembered in the human history. You will be remembered for creating that as a page of innovation, creation, discovery, one created a change in the society, one that started a 'Lead India movement in one state, a page of removing poverty, fighting injustice, planning and networking.

So all of you write what you all want to be remembered for and write to me at on, I will correspond to you and send you some good books also. Youth should inculcate the habit of planting a tree and motivate your friends also to plant trees. Planting trees will give us 40 kilograms of oxygen by in taking 20 kilograms of carbon dioxide. Go to the nearest village and teach them how to read and write," he suggested.

The Lead India 20-20 founders and co-founders who established their first school said it will follow a research and activity-based teaching methodology to be on par with the present competitive world. NB Sudharshan Acharya, co-founder of 'Lead India 20-20' and founder of 'Bharat Ratna Values Edutech' said that they will have a holistic approach towards education. "Unlike the rote learning system, we will follow self-exploratory method."

Speaking about the emphasis on sports in the school, he said, "We will train students who will qualify for Olympics. Sports specialists will impart special training in all the sports. There are 64 art forms in India and we will train students in almost all the art forms."

Jyothi Reddy, part of 'Lead India 20-20', Chairperson of women's wing in NATA in USA and chairperson for orphan's rights in India, who will soon take charge of 'Lead India 20-20 Andhra Pradesh' said, the school currently has Classes VI to X and will go up to Class XII soon. "Most youngsters score good marks but have zero survival skills. Here, we teach everything," she added.

Addressing the students, psychologist Dr V Nagesh said, "Every student must learn and remember 'ASK' where 'A' stands for attitude, 'S' stands for skills and 'K' stands for knowledge. There are two types of attitudes - Positive mental attitude (PMA) and Negative mental attitude (NMA) but unfortunately in India, 92% of the population are negative minded. We have to become positive and grow into a bright and successful nation," he subtly advised.

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