Biology paper stumps state NEET aspirants

Biology paper stumps state NEET aspirants

BH Ramakrishna The worst fears of state students on the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET-UG) have come true as majority of the...

BH Ramakrishna The worst fears of state students on the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET-UG) have come true as majority of the aspirants faced tough question papers in the exam held on Sunday. The last-minute conversion to CBSE syllabus has proved to be costly for the young minds as they could not attempt a number of questions especially in biology. Although top rung coaching institutes tried hard to guide the students on the advanced syllabus, the changed pattern has poured water on many of them.
"Most of the students were not completely conversant with the CBSE syllabus. They have banked on our Academy books. Though some of the lessons are similar, the question pattern and the treatment differ from CBSE lessons. That made the difference and this proved to be a dampener for our wards," Dr Shankar, senior faculty of Sri Chaitanya Group told The Hans India. "Nearly 14-16 questions were asked from Human physiology alone, a topic which is not known to AP students at all. Only those who studied the CBSE can attempt them. That means our students will get zero marks or face some negative marks if they attempted them. This is also a disappointing factor for us," PVRK Murthy of Gayatri Group said. Another factor which spelt doom for our students was both Botany and Zoology papers were mixed and given as a single paper. CBSE though mentioned as Biology paper in its advertisement has also given 45 marks each for Botany and Zoology. Students from Andhra Pradesh thought there would be two separate question papers for both the subjects. But the questions were mixed and jumbled which left the students rather confused and tensed. Even from Chemistry, there were some tough questions which the state students could not comprehend at all. Here too the changed treatment was said to be the reason. "It is not that our students were not intelligent to understand it. They have not got used to it. That's all. Our guys may falter this time but will bounce back from next year," Dr Bhanu Murthy of Narayana Group said. "Those who are proficient with CBSE syllabus will get good marks and those who banked on Inter Academy books are bound to lose," Dr Shankar explained. Total number of questions in NEET were 180 (45x4) and each question carries four marks i.e. 720 (180x4). According to experts, those who get above 400 marks out of 720 marks may get qualified. Those who get above 500 marks are sure to get seat. "Some of our bright guys are confident of getting even 650 marks," a faculty of Sri Chaitanya Group said. There is negative marking as well. If the candidate gives a correct answer to a question, he would get four marks and if he gives a wrong answer, minus 1 mark will be counted. NEET results are subject to Supreme Court verdict, which is expected anytime in the next two weeks.
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